Bright Future For Education Of National Minorities

A corporate conference was held earlier today in the premises of the Aeroclub in Belgrade with the theme Education in Serbia – European Models, organised by the European Movement in Serbia.  The Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, made an introductory speech and among the panellists were the Ambassador of Germany, Director of Swiss Office for cooperation in Serbia and the leader of the German Organization for International Cooperation.

The Prime minister presented the report on previous work of her office regarding the education reform in Serbia stating it is one of the leading priorities. She emphasised the importance of the process of digitalisation, mentioning a suggestion made a few years ago, by Dr Christos Alexopoulos, former President of the Council of the Greek National Minority and a member of the Board of Directors of the European Movement Network.

Dr Alexopoulos pointed out the necessity to digitise school textbooks for national minorities in their mother tongues to solve the problem of the lack of textbooks. The idea arose after the many complaints from the members of the Minority Council in Serbia. As a solution, it was proposed that every student of a national minority should receive a tablet PC containing all the necessary textbooks in adequate minority languages.

In her dialogue with Dr Christos Alexopoulos, the Prime Minister confirmed that steps were taken on the digitisation of textbooks for national minorities living in Serbia and that, in the process of reforming education, they think about the needs of national minorities in Serbia. It is important to mention this is the first cabinet to take the issues of the education of minorities in consideration.