Mihailo Dvojaković, President And Owner , Mg Serbien

Nature Is Not Exploited, But Preserved

Mining and metallurgical company Mg Serbien manages the Lokva dolomite mine and the Bela stena magnesite mine. This company doesn’t perceive the issue of environmental protection as an imposed obligation, but rather as its strategic commitment

It is evident that, despite the pandemic, our president and our government are fighting to maintain capital investments in infrastructure, which is why we are obliged to support Serbia in that direction with our deposits and large reserves, notes company director Mihailo Dvojaković.

The spectrum of works dealt with by your company is very diverse, while you are currently focused on a dolomite mine. What are the reserves like there and how is the quality? Mg Serbien d.o.o. Is a company that consists of two main sectors of activity, mining and metallurgy. We are predominantly an exporter with world-renowned references: Fiat, VW, ZF, Autoliv, Peugeot, Renault and Citroen, while today we also operate two active mines: the Lokva dolomite mine and the Bela stena magnesite mine.

The Lokva Mine is located in the south-western part of the Studenica series and is believed to be the source of dolomite with high levels of purity. We can state with pride that our deposit today represents one of the most complete mines when it comes to documentation.

We have all adequate studies, exploitation rights and fields, a usage permit as well as certified reserves of 25,610,914 mt, while potential reserves total C 20,000,000 mt and D 100,000,000 mt.

Lokva is considered a textbook example of a well managed mine, which is evidenced to a great extent by its quality and potential.

Why is this mineral so special? Apart for the primary production of magnesium, what else is it used for?

Dolomite is a two-tone carbonate of calcium and magnesium. It gained great industrial significance with the development of the Thomas- Gilchrist Basic Process for steel making in 1879.

We carry out regular measurements of air emissions, measurements of waste, technical water and groundwater, whilst also periodically measuring noise and soil pollution levels

Apart from this, dolomite has a very wide range of economic applications. It is used for:

  • Primary magnesium production 99.9% (MgO exceeds 21%);
  • Glass industry (the only deposit that does not stain glass due to low Fe);
  • Road industry (we possess all European certificates; sand equivalent totals a record 92%);
  • Construction industry;
  • Fertilisers for PH correction in acidic soils;
  • Mineral supplement for animal feed.

You use waste as a primary raw material, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and operating in an environmentally friendly way… Is it true that you invest a lot in environmental protection?

I’m glad that you have recognised the issue of the environment and ecology as being important and crucial to our sector of business, because that really represents our primary focus. As a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company, we consider it our collective responsibility and obligation to view environmental protection as a primary goal and imperative; not as an imposed obligation, but as a responsibility of national importance.

Mg Serbien carries out regular measurements of air emissions, measurements of waste, technical water and groundwater, whilst also periodically measuring noise and soil pollution levels. The investments and funds that we set aside for basic measurements, conducting studies, consulting services, equipment servicing and waste disposal are really large. These costs are included in the regular budget of Mg Serbien and we finance everything ourselves.

As a consequence, we don’t exploit nature, but rather are focused on recycling and the circular economy concept based on the utilisation of materials from waste and reprocessing them through the use of value. The company’s management remains focused on improving the field of environmental protection and finding the most efficient methods or models to do so.


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