Nebojša Zelenović, Mayor Of The City Of Šabac And Member Of NALED Managing Board

Has A Powerful Development Tool For Local Administrations

The innovative and capable city administration has applied 21st-century tools and has been able to fulfil its objectives with ease, preserving its long-established reputation as a commercial hub for this part of Europe

Nebojša Zelenović Mayor of Šabac

What was the importance of the NALED certification program for improving the work of the local administration?

NALED’s certification program is a powerful development tool for local administrations. Following an investment-friendly philosophy and with strong NALED support, we have simplified our administrative proce­dures significantly: we’ve opened a “one-stop-shop” for investors, improved our contacts with local, national and international business communities, and made tax incentives.

The results are apparent – today, Šabac has a high influx of foreign investment, including companies from Japan, Italy, Germany, China, and others. Education and hard work are paying off.

We are putting a lot of effort into being recognized as the first choice for investment. As a bridge between the government and local author­ities, NALED is a channel that enables two-way communication and a specific framework where our strategic goals meet govern­ment development strategies.

Cities like companies must be competitive, to attract businesses and meet the criteria for an investment-friendly city

How do you see the future of Šabac as one of the most prosperous cities in Serbia, and what is the role of NALED in achieving your strategic goals?

Šabac has always been a city of merchants and entrepreneurs. In its heyday in the 19th century, it was a major trading city between Europe and Serbia because of its excellent geographical position. Šabac quickly became the most advanced city in Serbia in a period that was very open to trade and the transfer of knowledge between East and West. Our mission today is to achieve that status again by using the tools and technologies of the 21st century.

NALED has helped us achieve that goal.

NALED is a crucial contact point and very important in our work.