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Majo Mićović, General Manager Sky Express

Dedication & Knowledge

Top Products And Professional Staff Guarantee Data Protection

ICT security is one of the fastest growing ICT sectors in the world. The importance of protecting digital data and communications is no longer questionable, it is actually a critical factor in any development planning at modern businesses and public institutions that generate or process digital data, and in particular personal data”, says Majo Mićović, General Manager Sky Express.

Sky Express is one of the leading Serbian and regional companies in the field of ICT security, distribution and consulting. How much is this IT segment actually developed in Serbia, how hard is it to find experts?

– In Serbia, this development is significantly slower due to lack of awareness of the importance of data protection. Thus, the market is much smaller, and therefore the need for ICT security staff. Sky Express, thanks to its relationship with the Evolution Equity Fund, and with the vendors of the world’s leading data protection solutions, has managed to attract a considerable number of educated, certified and experienced people and keep them in Serbia. Thanks to this, we were ready for GDPR, as well as for the requirements imposed on businesses by the Law on Personal Data Protection. The dedication and knowledge of our experts, and the top products we use, guarantee the protection of data.

In 2018, Serbia adapted to the EU General Data Protection Regulation with the new Law on Personal Data Protection. As a GDPR expert, what would you recommend to Serbian companies?

– Although the strong penalty policy of GDPR is one of the major motives for the adoption of security solutions, I do not think that this is the only reason why companies in Serbia should seriously invest in data protection. Apart from high penalties, there are other factors: serious loss of client confidence, the leak of business secrets and important information about the company, jeopardising the integrity of data on servers where they are stored because data becomes useless or worse, incorrect, misinforming the public about important data, misinforming employees and partners-collaborators. The simplest way is to perform initial pen tests, check the weaknesses, within the networks and from the Internet, consult experts and integrate an appropriate and economical solution.

Cooperation between Serbia and Switzerland in ICT is more and more intense. As Chairman of the Managing Board of the Swiss-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, do you believe that the positive trend will continue and that we can expect new investors?

– ICT is certainly the most promising industry in the development of the trade relations of our two countries. The fact that the Serbian ICT economy exported more than €1 billion in 2018 testifies to the good instincts of the Serbian economy and the Government of Serbia to invest in this industry.

The suggestion of our chamber and our ICT entrepreneurs is to stimulate not only the outsourcing of projects but original creative entrepreneurship, which would grow in parallel with projects for foreign partners. The balance between these two business principles is the ideal combination of ICT business. As a representative of the Evolution Equity Partners Fund, I am pleased to announce our plan to invest approximately €25 million in Serbia this year, primarily in ICT security, the gaming industry and agro-tech.

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