Dušanka Golubović, Mayor of the City of Sombor

Investment Leader In Vojvodina

The priorities of the City of Sombor include improving the economic environment, developing agriculture and strengthening cooperation between the administration and investors. The local government’s success in this is best described by the flattering title “Investment Leader” of which they are especially proud

Besides our excellent geographical location bordering two EU member states, investors are attracted by an industrial zone with complete infrastructure, proximity to the most important roads, and an efficient, rapid and professional city administration.

Sombor is one of the cities that bear the title “Investment Leader of Vojvodina”, awarded under the project Promotion of Investment Potentials of Towns and Municipalities Tailored to Business. What has that award brought you?

– The city of Sombor gained the title of Vojvodina Investment Leader because it fulfilled three basic conditions: it has adopted a long-term strategy for the development of the city, which shows a clear plan of measures designed to create a competitive business environment; it has formed a functional office for local economic development that participates in the design and implementation of the development strategy and promotes the investment potential of the city; and thirdly an Economic Council has been formed, sending a clear message that we are ready to hear the voice of business and cultivate partnership relations, making it easier to pass obstacles that stand in the way of economic development. What distinguishes us as a local government is a fact that we have achieved a high level of efficiency and have become the best and fastest at issuing building permits in Serbia.

Sombor is one of eight cities in Serbia that have successfully passed recertification under the BFC SEE programme to improve the quality of services and information provided by local governments to businesses and investors

The backbone of economic development in your city is made up of world-famous brands and companies that invested in Sombor to the satisfaction of both parties. How did you attract them? What are your plans for attracting new investors?

– I am proud that there are several world-famous companies operating in Sombor, among them are Lactalis Groupe, the Italian Ferrero, which has planted almost 700 hectares of hazelnuts, Calzedonia fashion brand… Of course, the list of active companies does not end here.

Investors who decide to invest capital in Sombor can expect a range of incentives from the local government, such as relaxation of fees and local tax benefits, financing of programmes in the Local Action Plan for Employment, and help in accessing incentives and subsidies granted by institutions of higher-level authorities.

Sombor will have a new business zone worth several million euros this year. What will be in it?

– We have fully equipped the infrastructure of this industrial zone that lies just three kilometres from the centre: from a water supply, electricity, gas, broadband internet, to internal roads – all this fulfils the conditions for a customs-free zone that will speed up import-export procedures and make such businesses efficient.

So far we have equipped a total of 40 hectares in the industrial zone, which we want to present to investors in the fields of food processing, textiles and the auto industry in the form of greenfield locations, given the industrial heritage of the city and the fact that companies that make up a stable raw material base operate here. Together with the republic and provincial institutions, we are working intensively to bring investors right into this zone.

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