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Dina Tsybulskaya, Crnogorski Telekom CEO

Smart Solutions for Montenegro

Crnogorski Telekom is an innovation leader in the area of smart solutions and the digitalisation of Montenegro, and it wants to be a reliable partner to both the country’s government and its business sector, thus contributing to the growth

Business and society nowadays expect a lot more from telco operators than basic telecommunications services. We spoke with Crnogorski Telekom CEO Dina Tsybulskaya about how operators can contribute to the development of business and society.

To what extent is Crnogorski Telekom implementing smart solutions in Montenegro?

– Telekom is leader of innovation in the area of smart solutions and the digitalisation of Montenegro, to which we are fully committed and therefore want to be a reliable partner to both the government and the business sector in the country.

We are glad the Government of Montenegro understands that digitisation is the beginning of modern business, and we are happy to see new initiatives in this area, because they imply more efficiency in public administration and the provision of services to citizens. We are ready to lead this important process, and are developing smart solutions to be in line with the needs of our partners, in order to improve their operations and accelerate their growth.

With partners from both the private and public sectors, we set up the first public estation. We have previously implemented smart parking and desks, smart irrigation systems, and the monitoring of noise and air quality levels. We will certainly continue to develop smart solutions and promote the “green economy” and the sustainable development of Montenegro.

Telekom’s business operations were marked by major investments during the previous period. What kind of benefits did that bring to your customers?

– According to the latest measuring results, Telekom officially has the fastest mobile network in Montenegro, both in cities and rural areas. The reliability of our network is best illustrated by the fact that more than half of 4G internet traffic in Montenegro passes through our network.

At the same time, we were the first operator in Montenegro to achieve a record speed of 925 Mbps in the 4G mobile network, which is twice as fast as previously measured in the country.

Investments in the network are investments in the customer experience and a guarantee of the quality of services we provide to the citizens of Montenegro

This, of course, is a result of continuous investment – Telekom has invested over 92 million euros in network development over the past three years. Given that applications and content occupy a major place in the everyday lives of us all, the speed of the network and the reliability of infrastructure have become key to providing a superior customer experience.

In addition to the modernisation and development of the network, Telekom also invests in community development and supports socially responsible projects. What is in your focus when it comes to sponsorships and donations?

– The company has to date, since privatisation, invested more than nine million euros in community development, via numerous sponsorship and donation projects.

We are particularly well known for the humanitarian programme “Za svako dobro”, through which we have so far supported 29 projects of special importance to the community. Education, environmental protection and digital inclusion will remain areas in which we focus our CSR activities.

We’ve been supporting the education system in Montenegro for 12 years, by providing free internet for all schools in the country. Apart from that, our attention is focused on the development of STEM skills and digital literacy in children and youth.

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