Polish Graphics Succeed At Belgrade Triennial

27.4.2017Polish artist Henryk Królikowski for “The body 016” unanimously granted award by the “Grafički kolektiv“ art centre

The 3rd International Printmaking Triennial in Belgrade was officially opened at the Cvjeta Zuzorić Gallery and included exhibits of the works of 286 artists from 56 countries. The exhibition was organised by the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS).

The jury awarded Zhang Minjie (China), Chantal Hardy (Belgium) and Jelena Sredanović (Serbia). Special awards were granted to Nian Zhang from China/Belgium, Karol Pomykała from Poland, Laura Roser from the UK and Jovana Đorđević from Serbia.

The “Grafički kolektiv“ art centre was unanimous in granting its award to Polish artist Henryk Królikowski for “The body 016” (linocut, 2016).

ULUS Gallery and the Centar za grafiku Gallery presented exhibitions of the works of artists rewarded at the second international triennial, held in 2014: Magda Szplit (Poland), Miodrag Mlađović (Serbia) and Paweł Kwiatkowski (Poland).

The Kolarac Gallery presented the exhibition “Inner World” – a selection of works of young Polish graphic artists Łukasz Butowski, Witold Winek, Marta Pogożelac, Anna Juszczak and Bartłomiej Chwaliczyński.