Indonesia: Kalimantan Wonderland

Ambassador Mochammad Chandra Widya, Indonesia: Kalimantan Wonderland

Embassy of Indonesia in Belgrade hosted the event Kalimantan Wonderland aimed at promoting Indonesian culture, language and cuisine. 

The theme of the event held at the Belgrade’s Kalemegdan Fortress was Kalimantan, Indonesia’s largest island, and it also showcased Indonesia’s diverse tourist destinations it has to offer.

Ambassador Mochammad Chandra Widya opened Kalimantan Wonderland event with the speech greeting thousands of visitors. 

“Indonesia is the world’s fourth-largest country by population with over 270 million people.” Ambassador named dance troupes that were scheduled to perform at the event and invited guests to take a look at the booths scattered around this part of the Kalemegdan Fortress, offering traditional Indonesian products.