Tatjana Rackov Sinadinović, Manager And Owner Of Happy Kids Preschool

Happy Children Become Happy Adults

With 10 facilities and around 800 children enrolled on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, HAPPY KIDS preschool has been operating for more than 15 years, has won more than 20 national and international awards, and is known as an economic leader in the field of private preschool institutions

In order for the largest possible number of children to receive a high-quality education and the possibility of a happy and healthy upbringing, HAPPY KIDS has prepared a gift campaign for the end of 2021 and the first months of 2022 that’s intended for the parents of all children who aren’t entitled to subsidised tuition.

Happy Kids is ranked number according to quality of work, number of facilities, number of enrolled children, cost of tuition fees etc. Are there other preschool institutions that manage to emulate the high standards that you’ve set?

The preschool institution HAPPY KIDS has been operating on the territory of the Republic of Serbia for more than 15 years. We have 10 facilities and around 800 enrolled children, which makes us the economic leader in the field of private preschools.

HAPPY KIDS offers a rich and recognisable range of basic and additional services, which are unrivalled according to quality of content, organisation and price. Our premises are tailored and equipped superbly, harmonised with the prescribed working standards. We are the recipients of over 20 national and international awards – in recognition of the special achievements of our children, personnel or institutions as a whole.

The doctrine of the work of the HAPPY KIDS Preschool Institution is being upgraded constantly, in accordance with the development trends of society and preschool education as a whole. The standards that we’ve set can be imitated by others, but not attained.

Your preschool facilities aren’t merely places for providing childcare, but rather oases of a happy upbringing, where children get acquainted with the world, acquire healthy habits, adopt true life values, learn new skills etc. Are these future successful people?

The values of our work are: love, expertise, responsibility, creativity, excellence and ambition. Our mission is to use love, knowhow and devotion to create a better world. According to our vision, the happy children of the present are the successful people of the future. We believe that the children of the HAPPY KIDS Preschool are the future leaders of this society, great and recognised minds, forgers of a better living environment and creators of a more beautiful and easier life for people in the future.

At HAPPY KIDS preschool, Children have all the conditions required to develop their natural potential to the maximum and to become happy, self-actualised and successful people.

HAPPY KIDS offers a rich and recognisable range of basic and additional services, which are unrivalled according to quality of content, organisation and price

Everyone can be kind, but not everyone can be filled with love, which children are well aware of and can feel. Is that one of your criteria when it comes to choosing personnel who will work with children?

All employees are carefully selected, on the basis of their psychophysical abilities, qualifications and experience. We love our employees, care for them and show respect for their wishes and needs, and that’s something they are aware of and that ensures they feel both acknowledged and respected.

Our employees respect and support the company that employs them. They love their job and do it from the heart and “as though for self”. People who work with youngsters are aware of the role they play in forming the personality of each child, which is why their relationship towards the children is devoted, responsible and filled with love.

How is it possible that you succeed in helping every single child develop their potential and talent despite having such a large number of facilities and children under your care?

At HAPPY KIDS preschool institutions, we work with children in small age-based/ pedagogical groups. Each child is monitored on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. We cultivate an open model of engagement and intensive individual cooperation with the families of children. Our facilities are equipped for 24-hour online video monitoring, which families can access constantly. This engages parents in the educational process actively.

When a child is placed at the centre of interest of both their family and the educational institution they attend, it is simple and easy to recognise that child’s personal potential and talent, as well as their support needs.

You are aware that people entrust their greatest treasure to you. How do you gain their trust?

Trust is gained through honest relations towards the children and their parents, dedicated and selfless commitment, and engaging with the aim of ensuring the children’s well-being.

Full-or half-day childminding, during weekends, public holidays and multi-day parental absences, represents our exclusive service

Health and safety are always your top priority, and that’s especially so now. How are you handling the pandemic? Has it caused a slowdown in your plans to open new institutions throughout Serbia and around the region?

At HAPPY KIDS preschools we collaborate intensively with the Institute for Health Protection and adhere to all prescribed preventative hygiene and sanitation measures. As such, the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus doesn’t threaten the flow of our education work with children.

However, as a socioeconomic phenomenon, the pandemic has caused major disruptions to our business plans and slowed down the very development of the business, as well as the process of expanding institutions.

Despite a challenging economic situation, you endeavour to help your pupils and their parents by providing benefits, promotions, discounts, subsidised tuition fees etc. Do you have any special offers in the works?

Flexible working hours that are harmonised with the needs of families, as well as full- or half-day childminding services during weekends, public holidays and multi-day parental absences, represent our exclusive service.

During November and December, we’ve had a special offer for all children who aren’t entitled to subsidised tuition fees. We will also continue this gift campaign during the first few months of 2022, with the aim of providing the largest possible number of children with a high-quality education and the possibility of a happy and healthy upbringing at our institution.

In 2022 and the following years, our wish is to continue shining and to continue being surrounded by people with whom that shine is even brighter and more beautiful. We want to dream, to imagine, to set new goals and shift boundaries. Our knowhow represents a value, an investment and a passport to the future. Our wisdom and experience are our wings, which is why we want to always fly higher than others!


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