Svetlana Anđelić, President Of The Municipal Assembly Of Knić

Knić Municipality Empowers Women

To improve the position of women it is essential to fight against all types of violence against women, to empower women and develop women’s entrepreneurial spirit. In the Municipality of Knić, this is also done through the Commission for Gender Equality

Almost all public functions in our municipality are performed by women, because they are more responsible. They are the directors of all schools and public institutions, heads of municipal administration and professional services, reveals Ms Svetlana Anđelić.

Is it true that almost all public functions in the municipality of Knić are performed by women?

Knic Grb– Yes, that’s correct. Women are more responsible and consistent in achieving set goals, more willing to accept compromise. Due to the democratic and inclusive way of governing, women manage in a more efficient way. I’m glad that President Vučić has great trust in women as leaders and that half of the Government of the Republic of Serbia is composed of ladies.

How can the rights and position of women in society be improved?

– Although women are undoubtedly a pillar of the family and society, they are still a vulnerable category. In the struggle over violence against women, it is crucial to act preventatively, to create conditions for women’s economic independence, to raise public awareness of the role and rights of women and to develop mutual cooperation between women through networking. The Commission for Gender Equality has launched an initiative to protect women from hate speech, particularly such speech directed against women who hold public office.

In the municipality of Knić we create conditions for the empowerment of women and the development of the entrepreneurial spirit, through gender-responsive budgeting measures and constant education, especially in the field of digital entrepreneurship. The European Charter on Gender Equality has been adopted at the local level, and work is underway on the procedure for drafting a local action plan on gender equality and forming a women’s committee group that would be included in the work of the women’s parliamentary network of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia.

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