Female Strength and Leadership Behind Brands With Purpose


With more than 2,000 brands and a presence in 191 countries, Nestlé is a world leader in food and beverage production, while it was also among the first companies to start implementing a gender-sensitive policy, both around the world and in our country

With its products, campaigns and the messages it sends, Nestlé strives to inspire people to live a healthy lifestyle, while it also uses its employment policies to create a fair and supportive working environment for all employees, regardless of gender. Here three of Nestlé’s leading ladies discuss how that looks in practice.

Marjana Davidović, Country Manager for Nestlé adriatic Hub South

A Good Collective Values Diversity

Do you view support for the community in which you operate as a responsibility? And this includes both the Nestlé products that you donate and your investments in regenerative agriculture. — At the core of the Nestlé business philosophy...

Jovana Uzelac, Head of HR for Nestlé South East Market

Parents are Fully Supported

Could you tell us on the basis of your experience whether respect for diversity and inclusiveness additionally motivates employees and leads to improved results? - Work on inclusivity and diversity are imperatives at our company, because we really believe...

Renata Matusinović, Business Executive Officer for Food, Nestlé South East Market

Working on Oneself Is the Key To Success

You work for a company that is a world leader in the food and beverage sector, with more than 2,000 brands and a presence in 191 countries. You must feel both pride and responsibility over Nestlé’s influence on people’s...