Jelena Obradović, MP From Knić In The National Assembly Of The Republic Of Serbia

Successful Women Lead Society Forward

The leadership of the municipality wants Knić to become even more developed and accessible for life, for both the youth and older citizens, so that everyone the same chances to progress here.

Women must be, and will be, equal carriers of this society, reputed, respected and educated, with equal participation in both political and social life, notes Ms Obradović

You were the first woman from Knić in the history of the post-war period to be elected as an MP in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia. Is that a major responsibility?

Knic Grb– My responsibility is great because I come from the Gruža region, from the heart of Serbia, from the heart of Šumadija, and apart from that I’m also a woman, wife and mother. I am proud of my fellow citizens, because the people of Gruža are honest, heartfelt and proud people, good and hard-working hosts, who are always on the front line in defending their homeland and their region. I’m also proud of them because more than 70% of them voted in support of the SNS list of Aleksandar Vučić – For our children, through which I was elected as an MP. They showed their faith in the results of our electoral list, which is why my dedication and commitment to work is all the greater.

Although the municipality of Knić is predominantly a patriarchal environment, a lot has been done on the rights, position and empowerment of women. Are you satisfied with the progress made?

– Apart from the fact that a third of our local parliament is comprised of women and that women hold almost all leading public functions in the municipality, what also distinguishes us is our gender-responsive budgeting, which we’ve been conducting for years already. The economic empowerment and education of women are our priorities, and we’ve also worked on the education of the youth and young married couples, because that is among the key prerequisites for the development of a healthy society. In this way we are building a modern, stable, healthy and developed society, which advances and in which everyone has equal opportunities and equal rights.

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