Stefan Lazarević, General Manager, NCR Serbia

We are Strong Support for Business Growth

NCR is a U.S. company that operates on the global market for 135 years. Throughout the time, it has been continuously reaffirming its position as a leader in the information technology sector by providing the solutions that not only keep up with business trends, but also create them

NCR started its operation in Serbia eight years ago, initially as a small customer support centre with 300 employees, while today it brings together some of the top experts, who invest their talent and creativity to contribute to the company’s progress and to Serbian-American relations.

NCR has gained a global reputation for cash registers and cash machines (ATMs) production. What can you tell us about NCR’s business today?

– NCR vision is to be the leading software and services-led enterprise provider in banking, retail and hospitality industries. Today, in the digitally connected world, NCR is focused on the creation of software solutions, offering services and different kinds of tech support for clients in the finance sector, retail, telecommunications and hospitality, in order to help them transform and improve their business activities. Within NCR’s Digital First strategy, we simplify the business processes of our clients, thus leaving them time to dedicate themselves to their customers.

NCR has around 3,500 employees in Serbia, which accounts for 10 per cent of the total number of NCR employees worldwide. Do you expect the number of employees to increase once the state-of-the-art technology campus in New Belgrade’s Block 42 opens?

– Our employees currently work from six different locations in Belgrade and one of the primary goals of building the campus is to bring them all under one roof in Belgrade, in a work environment that will be innovative and stimulating for both working and socialising.

The Belgrade campus will reflect NCR culture, reinvention and its role as a global technology leader

Apart from the workspace, the campus will also have many additional facilities, such as spaces for education, relaxation, play and recreation, a canteen and a cafe. It will be a state-of-the-art office for at least 4,200 employees.

More than 90 million U.S. dollars will be invested in the development of the campus. To what extent will it resemble your campus in Atlanta, which provided the model for its design, and how significant is the construction of this kind of campus for Serbia and for promoting cooperation between Serbia and the U.S.?

– The campus in Belgrade is the second NCR Corporation’s campus. The first, which is at the same time the headquarters of our company, was opened in Atlanta at the beginning of 2018. Both buildings are designed to be an inspiring working environment for employees to develop business through innovation. Belgrade campus will be the biggest investment of this kind in the region and will hold LEED Gold Certification, which means that it will be designed, built, and maintained using best practice strategies for green building and energy efficiency.

By investing in such a project, NCR is showing recognition for its employees in Serbia in terms of their expertise and excellent results. We are proud of the fact that NCR Serbia in only eight years has become a hub for development, improvement and innovations. Several thousand talented and innovative people in Belgrade not only support the execution of the company’s Digital First strategy and the business growth but also represent a significant advancement in Serbian-American relations.

Stefan Lazarević, AmCham Serbia President

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