Jelena Knežević, Partner, LeitnerLeitner

Ready To React Proactively

The key to gaining a competitive edge in business is competence, reliability and speed – principles that Leitner- Leitner has been putting into practice for more than 60 years. This company believes strongly that the outstanding technical skills of its team, and the high-quality services it provides, are key factors of its success in Serbia

We apply an interdisciplinary and dynamic approach, so that we can explore all possibilities and find the best course of action for each client. Our staff’s expertise and integrity play a decisive role in the process – says LeitnerLeitner Partner Jelena Knežević.

LeitnerLeitner is a company that has existed for more than 60 years, while this year you’re celebrating your tenth birthday in Serbia. Are you satisfied with your achievements to date?

A decade of doing business is certainly a great success for us, and the positive outcome of the business is reflected in the fact that we are recognized by clients as a reliable partner. Our consistently highquality standards have also helped us achieve success and constantly increase our locations in CEE and SEE.

The key source of our successful work are our employees. Our offices work together closely, while we also cultivate close professional relations with a number of renowned consultancies. We can thus eliminate country-specific risks and find the best possible solution. LeitnerLeitner Academy has its origins in Austria, and we sincerely hope that the coming period will allow easier travel, so that our employees can attend courses in Austria, which was the practice before the pandemic.

The pandemic showed us how small and vulnerable we are. How has it been traversed by your clients, our economy, Serbia as a whole…?

This is the year in which the consequences of the pandemic will be shown. Serbia is a country with an excellent geostrategic position and excellent bilateral relations with numerous countries.

These benefits must be used in order to recover our economy in the coming period. One of LeitnerLeitner’s main corporate strengths is caring for our employees, clients and the community. My team has shown its strength and flexibility of action during this difficult time, which makes me extremely proud.

What we can see from a professional point of view is that 2021 will definitely follow the approach of previous years

Do you think this is a good time to invest in Serbia, whether that relates to foreign investors or domestic entrepreneurs? What should one invest in today?

In a word – yes. LeitnerLeitner has numerous multinational clients who’ve already made huge investments in Serbia, and there is also a significant number planning to launch new investments.

Also, in statistical terms, more than half of all FDI in the Western Balkans from 2010 to 2019 was invested in Serbia, which represents one of the highest amounts of FDI in the entire CEE region.

What we can see from a professional point of view is that 2021 will definitely follow the approach of previous years. We are aware that 2021 presents an enormous challenge, with numerous obstacles, and we must all be ready to overcome all difficulties. In order to enhance the potential in the post-pandemic world, we should be prepared to proactively react, and to work together to build a more competitive business – to maximize the stronger side of our economy and minimize the weaknesses. Each sector is valuable when the economy is considered as a whole, while all sectors need to be developed in order for all other industries to be more successful and competitive. We are all part of one system, and the problems of one affect others – that’s why the business sector has to be united and active in furthering legislative, fiscal and tax changes.


By Richard Wike, Jackob Poushter, Laura Silver, Janell Fetterolf And Mara Mordecal

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