Ivan Stanojević, Owner Of Stantech D.O.O.

Total Dedication To Clients

StanTech is a company that deals with the design and production of machines and systems intended for automation in production. Hailing from and headquartered in Belgrade, it covers more than 20 EU countries and the U.S. They export and successfully implement their high-tech solutions in production plants around the world

Stan Tech records its most significant results in industries that produce milk, meat, coffee, frozen fruits and vegetables and the confectionery industry. It primarily works with clients whose production has reached an advanced stage of development.

Can you tell us a little more about your company and what inspired you to start this work?

– StanTech designs and manufactures individual machines and multi-machine systems that perform different tasks when it comes to product packaging. Such systems are implemented in the last phase of production, better known as “End of line”, and relate to the automatic packaging of one product or a group of products in a box, as well as automatic palletizing. Due to the lack of adequate manpower, the demand for this type of automation is increasing year on year.

I expressed a need for innovative problem solving at a young age, and these later became professional challenges presented to me by this calling. These challenges forced me to give my all from project to project and to progress in a professional sense. I’m inspired today by the fact that high-tech solutions created with domestic smarts are exported and successfully implemented in production facilities worldwide.

We primarily hire young engineers because we want to offer them the opportunity to develop professionally in their own country

How important is it in your business to follow trends and apply the latest technological solutions? Is that why you hire young professionals with innovative ideas?

– We live in a time when information is generally available, which enables our clients to gain an insight into the most modern methods used in production. In our clients’ desire not to lag behind one another, their requirements become increasingly complex and, as such, imply the applying of the most modern technical and technological solutions. When we take this into account, I consider the application of such solutions in projects as being crucial and something without which it is impossible to survive on the market.

We primarily hire young engineers because we want to offer them the opportunity to develop professionally in their own country. With the help of new technologies and a healthy team spirit, we encourage their development and a level of innovation that’s essential to achieve the kind of top results that we are strategically committed to as a company.

What makes you so competitive on very demanding foreign markets?

– Your statement is supported by the fact that we export more than 70 percent of our projects to the U.S., which is one of the most demanding markets when it comes to customer expectations, but also to very strong competition. I would say that this is primarily influenced by our total dedication to our clients and their needs, but also our ability to offer them solutions that are on a par with the world’s largest manufacturers in terms of the level of innovation and quality. Our clients have the opportunity to see for themselves that we ultimately take all our projects very personally, and that we also follow their work when they leave the premises of our company and start their lives in the production plants of our clients.

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