Dominique Küttel, Founder & Chairman, BAD SISTEMS LLC

A Successful Business Requires Enthusiastic People

It takes more than a plan to develop an IT business successfully. It takes immense effort, time and confidence to get to the right formula for success. Endless enthusiasm, faith in people and a constant need to help your clients resolve their problems motivate us to approach digitalisation from the human side, and give the meaning to our product for the best user experience

BAD SISTEMS LLC was founded in 2016 in the southern Serbian city of Niš, with the idea of bringing together young people who are ready to develop digital products to cater to the needs of modern man.

What inspired you to decide to invest in a business in Serbia?

It was a straightforward choice, as me and my business partner had a great business concept that required IT skills. Since we have done business in Serbia for over a decade, we set up a company, hired three people and got started within a few weeks. Now we are a team of specialists in many different areas.

What are the most significant advantages and qualities of owning an IT boutique in Serbia?

Owning a company doesn’t mean a lot if you don’t have the right people on whom you can rely and trust. We created a business environment with like-minded people and talented youngsters eager to learn and progress. In the end, it all comes down to whether you have a good business plan, i.e. a sponsor, and the right people. It took us a few years to combine the strength of the Swiss and Serbian cultures, and I’m now proud to say that we do have a very enthusiastic team working on a couple of projects. An additional advantage is the abundance of good people across the country, particularly in southern Serbia.

It took us a few years to combine the strength of the Swiss and Serbian cultures, and I’m now proud to say that we have a very enthusiastic team working on a couple of projects

What difficulties of business development is your company facing, and how do you see them improving?

As a general principle, the clearer the business case for a product or project, the easier it is to determine points of actions. At the very beginning of any project we place an emphasis on how to best bring the product to the market, the budget and time needed to gain traction. We want to avoid our customers developing a digital product and only thinking about how to market it during the development process. You would be surprised to see how many companies fail to do that.

Extremely useful in that context has been the usage of the Business Model Canvas, invented by Alexander Osterwalder in 2005, which forced one to look at a business from various angles.

We have observed how the stance of many industries towards digitalising their products and workflows has led to a strong surge in IT-related business opportunities. This trend will continue, as many pieces of the puzzle are now coming together and IT companies are – and will be – centre stage.

How do you see the future development of your business on this market?

Success breeds success. The happier the customers we have, the more visible we will become. Our ambition is to develop an in-house product that we think can make a difference and be the partner of trust for our clients. As such, we actively welcome crazy business concepts and discussions with clients to support them in any business aspect. We can only achieve this, of course, with the right quality people and enthusiasm. And with that we will succeed.

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