Slovenian Tourist Board

Slovenia Is Ready To Welcome Tourists

As precaution anti-Covid measures have been released by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, the Slovenian Tourist Board (STB), together with key partners, has intensified promotional activities to invite foreign visitors to come to Slovenia and spend their holidays there

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia has released the precaution anti-Covid measures, meaning that the restaurants are allowed to open their gardens and terraces, as well as indoor spaces. The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB), together with key partners, has intensified promotional activities to invite foreign visitors to visit Slovenia and to spend their holidays here. Thus, a number of virtual fairs, exhibitions, and presentations of Slovenia to foreign travel organisers and the media have taken place. The hope for a gradual revival of tourist flows has also been given by the announcement of the Digital Green Certificate.

On this occasion, MSc. Maja Pak, director of the STB, highlights the activities that encourage foreign guests, especially from the nearby emitting markets, to take a holiday in Slovenia and discover the country: “The first steps towards the resumption of tourism give us hope for a swift re-establishment of tourist flows and the recovery of tourism, as one of the most important industries. Throughout the crisis, the Slovenian Tourist Board has carried out situation-adapted communication activities on foreign and domestic markets, which have now been upgraded and strengthened, as the restrictions have lifted.

In light of changed travel habits, guests are in search of non-mass, healthy and safe holiday destinations. Therefore, active experiences in unspoiled nature are being highlighted, a tourist product that has the most potential for the recovery of tourism. Health is becoming an increasingly important value as well, so we also pay special attention to the product’s health and well-being.

Of course, safety plays a major role when choosing a holiday destination, this is why the Green&Safe brand has been launched, which presents safe and attractive experiences in Slovenia.”

Together with the Slovenian tourism industry, leading destinations and product associations, and other partners, the STB has prepared a series of activities to inspire visitors to explore Slovenia and also provide them with up-to-date information with regard to the latest travel information and safety guidelines. There is a great number of publications, suggestions and ideas for unforgettable experiences available within the newsletters, the tourist information portal, and the Feel Slovenia social media channels.

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