Vladimir Stojanović, President of the Municipality of Kučevo

We’re Reopening Factories

In the past period, The Municipality of Kučevo launched a series of activities in previous period in order to create a favourable business environment for investors. New plants have opened, while the municipality also has an office that coordinates between investors, the local government, relevant government ministries and competent state agencies

When it comes to natural resources, the municipality of Kučevo has an incalculable wealth, and in order for it to live off tourism additional funds are required for new accommodation capacities, in order for tourists to stay instead of coming only on transitory visits.

You once had factories employing almost 2,000 workers, while today you can only dream of that. How can production be relaunched?

Municipality Of Kučevo

The production of Duboka mineral water company by Anđelković Al has been launched in Neresnica, Italians have invested in the Classiwood factory for timber and furniture elements, Swiss investors have invested in the MS Wood Group pellet factory, a Chinese business will open the Gangyan lime factory in March 2021, and in recent days a pre-agreement was signed on the sale of the ŠIK Kučevo complex between the current owner and German company Blockause.

With the arrival of these companies we’ve reduced unemployment, and we now expect new investments so that we can employ professional, educated, young people and thus secure a better standard of living.

Despite the budget for development, you are unable to carry out most infrastructure works without the help of government ministries. What are you most in need of?

We have good cooperation with all ministries and succeed in completing many important works in our municipality with their help. Thus we last year received funds for the renovation of the primary school in Rabrovo, while this year we received 500 million dinars to asphalt of roads, and just last week a contract was signed for the reconstruction of the Rakova Bara – Tumane regional road.

When it comes to the water supply and sewage network, at the end of this year we expect the completion of works on water flows, which are being implemented with the help of the competent ministry. The plan is to build a central water supply system and sewage network that would encompass all 25 settlements in the municipality. Our electricity network is good, with the situation stable, but we are certainly planning to construct new transformer stations.

Our tourism is advancing, so we can be proud of Vidikovac, the “Krak Lu Jordan” archaeological site and the river Pek, where guests pan for gold

Our municipality covers an area of 721km2, so it is very difficult to maintain road infrastructure, which isn’t only important for residents, but also for potential investors and tourists. Last year we managed to finalise the complete road to Ravništarka Cave, where there is an info centre, restaurants and our log cabins where people can come to rest. Thanks to funds from the Ministry of Tourism, we will be able to raise this complex to a higher level, with an additional 25-30 places in accommodation capacities.

Our tourism is advancing, so we can be proud of Vidikovac, the “Krak Lu Jordan” archaeological site and the river Pek, where guests pan for gold, while the categorisation of rural households seeking to engage in rural tourism is underway. This is part of the project entitled “Whole village ethno village”, which is already being implemented in the village of Duboka.

Kučevo was declared an exceptional tourist destination in 2016. What would need to be done for yoou to live off tourism?

It is essential for us to receive funds to promote our tourism potential. Caves are our biggest attraction, as well as panning for gold in the river Pek, and we believe that, if we were additionally engaged in that, tourists could bring us organised nature walks, hikes to the Jelena Stena viewing point, hikes to the highest peak of the Homolje Mountains and bicycle tours.

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