Nikola Tripković, Executive Director Of Coca-Cola HBC Montenegro

Devoted To Consumers And The Community

I believe that, with our arrival on the Montenegrin market and stable operations, we signalled to many investors that this country is a good place for investment. We contribute to the community on a daily basis, with the quality of our products, innovations and the wholehearted assistance that we provided during the pandemic

Coca-Cola HBC Montenegro has been operating on the Montenegrin market since 2002. Over the course of the previous 19 years, we’ve developed the market continuously, bringing new standards and rich experience, thus contributing to the improvement of the overall business environment – says Coca-Cola HBC Montenegro Executive Director Nikola Tripković.

You have been operating in Montenegro for many years. What do you consider as the company’s greatest success?

– I think our greatest success is that we have stable operations in Montenegro, with which we provide the best example to other companies that this country is a secure investment destination. I like to believe that we have lit the way and introduced this country to many other investors who came after us. At the domestic economic level, our contribution is reflected in secure jobs, stable and predictable budget revenues from various taxes, and numerous market innovations.

We engage over 50 people and indirectly support about 200 more jobs through cooperation with approximately 3,500 partners and customers.

There is also a value that cannot be expressed in numbers: the transfer of knowledge and experience gained through work on the 28 markets where our group operates. Operating in line with specific criteria, which is also an obligatory condition for all of our suppliers, has particularly shaped the entire industry and market at a higher level throughout the years.

How do you manage to continue developing the company’s operations despite a great many challenges?

– By listening to the needs of consumers very carefully and taking them into account, but also by investing in innovations. We are expanding our portfolio in line with the wishes and lifestyles of consumers, offering them a broad selection of complementary products that represent a great combination for any occasion for consumption 24/7.

In addition to the products for which we are widely renowned, such as Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta and Sprite, we also have fruit juices in our portfolio (neXt, JOY), Ice Tea (Fuze Tea), energy drinks (Ultra Energy), as well as Rosa spring water. For two years now, the Bambi company has been part of our enterprise at the global level, with its confectionery products that are among the most beloved in the entire region.

We pride ourselves on clearly and transparently labelling the ingredients of our products on packaging, indicating the recommended daily intake, but we also offer different low-sugar and sugar-free products, as well as refreshments that include natural and artificial sweeteners.

Your philosophy of sustainable operations lies in the idea of the company’s development progressing hand-in-hand with the development of life in the community. In which areas do you invest?

– There are three crucial areas of our investment in the community: investing in youth; investing in environmental protection, where we see ourselves as an active partner of the state in further improving the packaging waste management system, through the transfer of best European experiences and practices; support for the community through volunteerism and donations.

In this critical period of the struggle against the novel coronavirus, together with the Coca- Cola Foundation, we donated $50,000 to the Red Cross of Montenegro, thereby supporting 1,000 families. We additionally donated 15,000 litres of drinks for healthcare workers and employees at COVID centres.

We will continue to be a reliable partner to the community and consumers in the future as well.

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