Marija Cvetković, President of the Municipality of Gadžin Han

We Value Japan’s Help

The Embassy of Japan donated €228,475 to three healthcare facilities at the end of last year, including the Gadžin Han Health Centre. This valuable new donation represents great assistance to the citizens of this small, underdeveloped municipality, and also testifies to the friendship between the two countries

Thanks to a new X-ray device, our fellow citizens will not have to seek medical assistance in neighbouring cities. Diagnoses will be made faster, treatment will be more effective, and patients and doctors will be exposed to less radiation than previously, underscores the president of Gadžin Han Municipality.

The Embassy of Japan donated significant funds to the Gadžin Han Health Centre. How important is this donation to you, both as proof of the friendship and cooperation between our countries and as an aid to doctors?

Gadžin Han– Gadžin Han is a small municipality and every form of assistance and cooperation is invaluable. The donation of an X-ray machine to Gadžin Han Municipality is of great importance, to the municipality, the health centre and the municipality’s population. This donatioy has made the medical staff’s job much easier when it comes to examinations and appointments, while the harm caused by radiation has been reduced to a minimum.

This Japanese donation means that the health centre will receive an X-ray machine that will help to detect many diseases on time. Does this mean that patients will no longer be sent to Niš and Leskovac?

– Of course the donation of an X-ray machine means a lot to the Gadžin Han Health Centre, because it will enable toe detecting of illnesses of residents of the municipality on time. But not only that… The new X-ray machine will have less harmful radiation than the previous one, which was more than 40 years old. This isn’t only good for patients, but also for the medical staff working at the Gadžin Han Health Centre.

Our municipality is small and poorly developed, but things are slowly changing for the better. Quality of life is improving

As I say, the previous device was over 40 years old, and was often not functioning due to its age and permanent failures, so our fellow citizens were forced to carry out required examinations in Niš or Leskovac. As our territory is home to a majority of elderly residents, they will no longer have to wait in queues in major cities and clinical centres, where the crowds are huge. They will now be able to carry out examinations without major commotion and while waiting in their own municipality, thanks to this donation from Japan.

You’ve also earmarked land that will be offered to investors and are working massively to equip it in terms of communal infrastructure. When can the first major investors be expected?

– Our municipality has used strategic documents to envisage locations for industrial zones, but nothing had been done on that issue until 2019. We had no purchased land, so we were unable to launch infrastructure equipping works in order to offer locations to interested investors. It was in April 2019 that we initiated the purchase of land at locations where the industrial zone is envisaged and to date we’ve purchased 70 per cent of the plots. We’ve set aside funds from the budget for this year to cover technical project design documentation for infrastructure development. After the preparation of technical documentation, it will be essential for us to receive help from the state in order to fully equip the industrial zone in terms of infrastructure.

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