Udo Eichlinger, CEO, Siemens and Siemens Mobility

Our Company Is Here To Stay

Siemens Mobility:Siemens, a company with a rich history and a pioneer in the field of digitalisation, today offers solutions and technologies that help its customers and partners respond far swifter and more efficiently to crisis situations and changing market demands

Our company is here to stay and we will extend our facilities even more over time. We want to grow and develop right here in Serbia, as well as to contribute actively to local society through our solutions and expertise, announces Mr Udo Eichlinger.

Of all the areas in which you operate in Serbia, which currently has the best prospects?

– Siemens has a thrilling history. I am personally proud to be part of such an amazing global heritage and to witness exciting developments occurring every day. Unfortunately, we are also witnessing the global pandemic that the world has been fighting over the last year. 

Because of that, all businesses worldwide have had to adapt to new ways of doing business. Trends of digitalisation have proven to be very effective during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are able to adapt their production quickly and flexibly to any need, which is why I believe that our company has great prospects, since it is focused on the future and on meeting the challenges brought to us by the newly established global market. We are a partner to industry in digital transformation and we are here for our costomers when it comes to unlocking the full potential of digitalisation in their organisations.

Mobility, smart infrastructure and digital industries are areas that require constant improvement. One of the great examples that we’re currently working on is a new state-of-the-art traffic management system that will cover around 300 junctions in Belgrade. When completed, it will have a positive impact on commuter times, CO2 emissions and congestion.

Do the conditions exist for you to build and expand your production capacities? Is that realistic now, under the conditions of the global health crisis?

– From day one, Siemens has followed the measures recommended by the Government and expert teams, responding in the short term in order to protect its employees. Across all businesses and regions, our employees have risen to the challenge and continue to do so. Siemens became an integral part of Serbian society and the partner of choice, with over 3,500 employees. It is still impossible to predict when and how the global crisis will end, so we are making it a priority to successfully maintain the continuity of our business despite the many difficulties, while keeping our employees and their families safe as our top priority.

The word “mobility” forms part of the name of your factory in Šumadija. Is that a word that best describes our lives in the 21st century?

– The world’s population is becoming increasingly urban year on year, so the possibility of moving is becoming key for individual and collective progress. Mobility must be a priority in urban development, as it allows cities to become a field of opportunities. It contributes significantly to a better quality of life and, when done right, is a factor that makes any city more attractive. Siemens Mobility understands that mobility is not the simple movement from point A to point B. We know it is a tool through which we all build our everyday world.

Saying that, going hand in hand with these trends and changes, Siemens Mobility has been a leader in transport solutions for more than 160 years. We provide answers to all challenges in the transportation industry, with our comprehensive portfolio of state-of the-art solutions. In Serbia the setup of Mobility, with the factory in Kragujevac, has bright prospects when it comes to expanding its portfolio and capacities. At this very moment, entire trams that will be used in the most developed cities in Europe are being assembled at our factory in Kragujevac! It is a great success to be able to see trams across Europe that are made in Serbia.

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