Ljiljana Topić, Director, Galenika Pharmacia

We’re Here When Times Are Hardest

Galenika Pharmacia is a factory that produces complete sanitary consumables – from compresses, gauzes and bandages, via disinfectants, to surgical masks that have become the number one product. Although exports at the beginning of the pandemic would have been the business move of the decade, no Galenika mask left Serbia

In agreement with the Serbian Ministry of Health, the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the Republican Health Insurance Fund (RHIF), we undertook to supply numerous clinics and pharmacies with surgical masks and disinfectants when that was most needed.

Behind you is an extremely dynamic, gruelling and exhausting period. You have many reasons to be proud of your team, right?

Galenika logo– Yes, you are right. Galenika Pharmacia represented the backbone of the supply of our health institutions and pharmacies during a very challenging period. At the beginning of the pandemic, with the help of Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, we engaged a large number of professional staff and expanded production capacities. Given the great urgency of the situation, we reduced all other production flows to a minimum. Although export – even just within the region – would have been the business move of the decade, given the shortage of this product in every country, not a single mask from our factory left Serbia.

At the instant when disinfectants were in short supply on the market the most, we secured large capacities for their production. Moreover, we produce masks with silver nanoparticles for the Novak Đoković Foundation, and we also produce protective masks with five protection filters.

I am proud to note that there has never been a drop in quality at the expense of speed or efficiency at our factory, as evidenced by the fact that, for instance, the Belgrade Pharmacy Institution didn’t have a single complaint.

And what about the markets you conquered prior to the pandemic? Where do all your products end up?

– We have for years been exporting to the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and Montenegro; our products reach Nigeria and Iraq, and a year ago we established cooperation with Germany. Galenika Pharmacia became a member of the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce thanks to our good business results, which is yet more confirmation for us and our work.

We produce masks with silver nanoparticles for the Novak Đoković Foundation, and we also produce protective masks with five protection filters

We are at an advantage over other companies that do the same work because we also have a respected brand, as well as quality, knowhow, professionalism and competitive prices, and alongside all of that we are a more than reliable partner, which was also confirmed at the beginning of the pandemic. All this allows us to conquer new markets.

There is currently a lull as far as the pandemic is concerned, and supply has normalised. How do your operations look generally?

– We managed to secure a leading position on the market and maintain it successfully. We supply all healthcare institutions, from hospitals/health centres, pharmacies and pharmaceutical institutes, via private and state hospitals and clinics, to major healthcare centres.

We have divided our operations by sector, so we have a sector for the production of sterile and non-sterile compresses, plasters, adhesive bandages and other bandages, a sector for the distribution of medical devices in Serbia and the surrounding countries, and a sector for the production of first aid kits, car and motorcycle pharmacies, as well as first aid kits for employees in emergencies and natural disasters.

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