Bojan Lasković, Managing Director, CFND Belgrade

Logistics Of The New Era

Synergy of all modes of transport

CFND deals in logistics services and is specialised in the transport of goods on inland waterways in the Danube Basin. A member of several national and international associations, since 2015 it has been part of the Rhenus Group, one of the worlds leading logistics companies. “What distinguishes CFND Ltd. from the majority of companies on the local market is precisely its synergy of all modes of transport,” says CFND Belgrade Managing Director Bojan Lasković.

CFND was established ten years ago with the aim of developing logistics activities in the Danube basin, and went on to become part of the Rhenus Group five years ago. How did you attract the attention of one of the world’s leading logistics companies?

– CFND was initially founded by French companies CFNR and ATIC Services, which deal mainly with river transport and port operations. The idea of the founders at the time was to establish a company that would transfer the business model from Western Europe to Serbia’s local market.

Every start is difficult, and we had several challenges from the outset that hindered the development of the company. We encountered the collapse of the river freight market, then faced the economic crisis that shook every segment of the economy. Despite unfavourable conditions, with a quality service and optimal logistics solutions we managed to position ourselves on the market and gradually gain the trust of many multinational companies with which we now have partnership relations.

The Rhenus Group spent many years seeking a reliable company with the potential for development on the Serbian market, in order to be able to cover the entire route of the Danube and, together with offices in Regensurg, Krems and Constanta, provide its clients with a competitive advantage in the area of logistics services. Simply, it was there that interests intersected, finally resulting in the takeover of CFND Ltd. by the Rhenus Group.

You specialise in the transport of goods on inland waterways in the Danube basin, but you are also able to organise a complete logistics chain, combining road, rail and river transport, to more than 40 locations across Europe…

– What distinguishes CFND Ltd. from the majority of companies on the local market is precisely this synergy of all modes of transport. The benefit for clients is that one company provides them with a complete logistics service, whether that relates to river transport, from port to port, or combined transport, from warehouse to warehouse, via waterways.

In this way, through the Rhenus network, we can state freely that we are in a position to satisfy the requirements of our customers throughout Europe, and beyond if required.

You have at your disposal knowhow and experience, but also the support of the entire Rhenus Group, while it seems that you also boast a modern fleet. Is that correct?

– The entire fleet that works for us came from the waterways of Western Europe. Our 2,700HP tugs are equipped according to EU standards, both in terms of navigation safety and in terms of housing conditions for crew members. Our barges have a large capacity and are suitable for transporting all types of dry cargo – light and heavy grain, fertilisers, metals, oversized cargo etc.

To conclude, I would like to point out that we are in the process of changing the name of the company. The new name of the company under which we will operate will be Rhenus PartnerShip Serbia d.o.o. (Ltd.), which will certainly remain synonymous with high-quality services.

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