Businesses Seeking Flexible Workspaces

World’s largest provider of hybrid working solutions, Regus regularly helps eight million people opt for hybrid work alternatives at thousands of locations worldwid

International Workplace Group (IWG), the world’s largest provider of hybrid working solutions with brands including Spaces and Regus, affirms Serbia as an important place to boost its expansion plans, with the need for high-quality, flexible workspaces continuing to soar as hybrid working becomes the new normal nationwide. That’s why the company announces the opening of new locations in both Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Regus has been helping companies find suitable workspaces for more than 30 years. With its offer of serviced office spaces, coworking and meeting rooms, members have full access to all locations across the company’s global network, enabling them to work from wherever is most convenient for them – with a choice of 4000 of locations worldwide enabling a global workforce of more than eight million people.

As company representatives explain: “Our unique and flexible solutions empower businesses of all sizes to be at their most productive, because our cost-effective and flexible model allows costs to be removed from balance sheets. We have a multi-brand offering to suit everyone’s needs, as well as reconfigured spaces that provide all customers with a safe and healthy environment for their business. The hybrid working model provides customers with complete flexibility to scale up and down as needed.”


Regus clients range from major corporations to small family businesses, start-up enterprises, freelancers etc. The company has space suitable for each client, while the secret to the company’s unparalleled success is flexibility. “As the world’s leading provider of flexible workspace, we help eight million people work in the hybrid way at thousands of locations worldwide, across more than 120 markets. We do so by providing a choice of professional, inspiring, and collaborative workspaces, communities and services that allow greater flexibility.

The hybrid working model provides customers with complete flexibility to scale up and down as needed

“Our company includes everything in the price: from cleaning and maintenance services, to utilities, kitchens etc. This enables the client to focus on the development of their operations and to strike a balance between their work and private life. We offer a unique and flexible solution that empowers businesses to be at their most productive, with everything included, from cutting edge IT infrastructure, to telephony set-up and on-site support staff.”


Businesses of all sizes have discovered that hybrid working not only supports their people’s productivity, wellness and happiness, but is also a more cost-effective model that boosts their bottom lines.

Companies are today only taking the space they need, and they require less space than before, thanks to employees no longer being based at their company HQ five days a week. Hybrid working also offers companies a significantly lower cost base, generating average savings of $11K per employee.

As they explain at Regus, hybrid working is also better for people:

* 88% of employees cite hybrid working as a leading benefit they would expect in a role
* 79% of workers say they have been more productive since switching to hybrid working.
* 66% said their mental health was good thanks to the shift to hybrid.


Increasing market demand for hybrid work solutions has resulted in the opening of the first Regus business centre in Novi Sad, which has already proved hugely successful.

“The partnership with Inobačka d.o.o., one of the largest construction companies in Serbia, enabled the opening of the first Regus location in Novi Sad. The strong opening in this important market stands as a testament to the timely insights and forward-thinking strategies that formed the basis of this collaboration.

Making the Novi Sad success story even more remarkable is the testament to the strength of this partnership, as well as its adaptability and collaborative spirit. “We are now welcoming our clients from Belgrade, as well as attracting new companies – local firms and freelancers based in Novi Sad – to our beautiful location in Novi Sad city centre.”


Regus is set to open new locations in Belgrade and Novi Sad, with a new location in the Belgrade neighbourhood of Vračar and a second location in the eastern part of Novi Sad to open this November. Next April will see the unveiling of a new location in Belgrade, The One, in close proximity to the airport.

The Novi Sad centre holds particular significance as IWG’s first property in Serbia’s second-largest city, which is renowned for its record of having the highest number of IT employees per capita in the country. This strategic move not only taps into an expanding market, but also aligns with IWG’s continuous endeavour to provide cutting-edge solutions to professionals across diverse industries.

“As one of Serbia’s fastest growing regional locations, with demand for workspaces in the area performing strongly, IWG is introducing a second state-of-the-art opening in Novi Sad. To be delivered in partnership with AEST, this HQ-brand location will encompass facilities that include private offices, meeting rooms, co-working and creative spaces.”


The company’s global network is growing rapidly via capital light investment, via management agreements with property owners and investors, as well as franchise and JV partners. And IWG-Regus predicts continued strong development in this direction.

“As the ongoing shift towards hybrid working accelerates, conventional office occupancy will continue to fall, as businesses require less traditional space and turn to flexible workspace instead. In 2022, we welcomed hundreds of new partner locations and 2023 is continuing with this same momentum. The “big bang of hybrid working” has seen extraordinary growth in the number of IWG centres, with 400 new locations signed in the first half of this year alone. Serbia is an important place for us to boost our expansion plans, with the need for high-quality flexible workspaces continuing to soar as hybrid working becomes the new normal nationwide.”


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