Rashad Aliyev, Azmont Investments CEO

Portonovi – From A Former Military Base To One Of The Largest Investments And Oases Of Luxury And Tranquillity In Montenegro

What began as an ambitious project on the site of the former Kumbor military base is today one of the most luxurious resorts in this part of the world. An idyllic coastal settlement with 1.8 kilometres of coastline and encompassing an impressive 26 hectares, Portonovi today hosts a large number of important developmental projects

This preserved destination combines wellness resources and immaculate real estate properties of the highest quality, as well as modern restaurants offering the finest culinary delights, to create a uniquely tranquil yet luxurious corner to call home. Located within an hour’s drive of international airports in Dubrovnik and Tivat, Portonovi is also easily accessible to those who prefer a private aviation charter, thanks to the fact that it boasts its own heliport, while there is also a modern marina and private garage spaces.

“In parallel with respect for the heritage of the site that dates back centuries, the project team also had full understanding for the fact that its pledge for the future must be based on an offer focused on a full commitment to pleasure and providing an experience that will remain deeply ingrained in the memories of every guest and visitor, regardless of the generation to which they belong,” says Azmont Investments CEO Rashad Aliyev.

This year has been a challenging and unpredictable one, but how will you remember 2021?

– It was marked by the opening of the One & Only Portonovi hotel and the further diversification of the resort’s offer throughout the entire year. A global brand of such proportions serves to accelerate the growing visibility of Montenegro and the region at the global level, but also confirms the company’s commitment to the country and its future. The first One & Only hotel in Europe brings numerous benefits. Every tourist – regardless of whether they come as a guest of this hotel or our resort – will certainly consider Montenegro as their next destination after they discover that such an exclusive brand has chosen this unique part of the world in particular. The same applies to investors – nothing provides more credibility to a potential investment destination than projects that have already been recognised and are developing successfully.

What message and added value would you highlight to anyone considering Portonovi for their new investment in real estate?

– Those wanting to own real estate in this exceptional resort should know that Portonovi has a world class real estate offer – Village Residences celebrate the Bay of Kotor’s heritage, the beautiful Marina Residences overlook the sea and Sky Villas represent the jewels in Portonovi crown. Each offer is as diverse as it is luxurious. For investors seeking the highest level of privacy, the enchanting Sky Villas, with three or four bedrooms, are duplex penthouses covering two floors, each of which has a private lift entrance and a private infinity pool covering an area of 26-32m2.

With a fast-growing economy and a tourist industry that attracts international investors, Portonovi properties offer a strong return on investment and, given that Montenegro is heading towards EU membership, foreign investments and EU-funded investments in the country are also intensifying. Almost three billion euros has been invested in the 10 largest investment projects along the coast, which is why this part of Montenegro has been dubbed “the next French Riviera”. All in all, the country’s tax regimes are among the most competitive in Europe, with a rate of nine per cent that’s reflected in taxes on corporate profits, capital gains and personal income.

Portonovi is also already recognised as a hub for attracting so-called ‘micro investors’, which are carefully chosen to raise the user experience and service to the next level. Moreover, this all raises the employment rate and competitiveness of the market, but also promotions of the offer of local farmers and other producers. Promoting the tradition, culture and gastronomic heritage of the Bay of Kotor lies at the very core of our business and is one of the ways we give back to the community.

For more information visit or call +382 31 355 375.

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