Nikola Riznić, Director, D Express

Serbia’s Favourite Courier

Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment and technology, excellent organization and a strategic partnership with Shoppster, D Express has for years been considered the most modern courier service

As consumer habits and needs change, we introduce new services. This is how the first network of parcel machines was created and card payments were introduced – says Nikola Riznić, announcing continuous investment in staff training, the latest technologies and careful planning of operational processes, to keep his company the best and fastest courier service in the region.

D Express has for years been considered the most modern courier service. What lies behind your dominance, apart from the fact that you brought to the market the most modern equipment and technology, and excellent organization?

— D Express stands out as a state-of-the-art courier service not only because of its technical equipment and organization, but also because of its continuous focus on innovation, efficiency and commitment to providing a superior customer experience.

The key strength of a company lies in its staff, who are the core of any successful organization. D Express pays great attention to improving the skills and knowledge of its staff through various training and education programmes. In this way, we create a working environment that supports and encourages the growth and progress of each individual. We believe that a happy and motivated team is the key factor in achieving outstanding results and maintaining the high level of service we provide our customers.

How has the strategic partnership between Shoppster and D Express since 2021 improved the services of both companies and the satisfaction of their customers?

— This partnership has enabled synergy of resources and expertise, which has resulted in improved logistics, faster and more reliable deliveries and a wider range of services, which have contributed to greater customer satisfaction.

The ability to pay by card when you pick up a shipment directly affects customer satisfaction and facilitates the transaction

More precisely, through cooperation with Shoppster, we have achieved better insight and understanding of the eCommerce market, and this has ultimately resulted in the development of services from which both our clients and their customers have direct benefits.

Do you introduce new services as consumer habits and needs change?

— D Express launched a revolutionary parcel machine network service in 2020, in response to how customer needs changed during the pandemic. This innovation allows users to pick up their parcels in a fast, simple and safe way, using one of 170 parcel machines spread across 60 cities in Serbia, including petrol stations, supermarkets and shopping centres. Parcel machines are available 24 hours a day, offering convenience and flexibility in picking up packages, which has transformed the online shopping experience.

You have also introduced the option of paying by card when you pick up a Shoppster shipment from the courier at the delivery point. Does customer satisfaction, and therefore your success, depend on such services?

— Introducing the option to pay by card directly affects customer satisfaction, improving their experience and facilitating the transaction. This innovation is not only a reflection of technological progress, but the result of a deep understanding of user needs and preferences. All D Express, couriers now carry payment card terminals with them, which indicates the company’s willingness to adapt to changes in the market and to continuously strive to improve the customer experience. In addition to eliminating the need for cash, this added convenience provides users with a sense of security and convenience, resulting in greater satisfaction and loyalty. Given the growing trend of cashless payments and the increasing use of payment cards, this initiative is not only a response to current needs, but also an anticipation of future market demands, which further confirms D Express’ commitment to continuous improvement of services and to creating a positive user experience.

Today, do courier companies focus more and more on automation and new technologies?

— There is a huge difference between the courier services of 10 years ago and today. Courier companies today are increasingly technologically oriented, with a focus on process automation and the application of new technologies to optimize operations and improve customer experience. D Express is a unique courier service in the Balkans that stands out for its technological innovation.

We are a unique Balkan courier service that stands out for technological innovation – one example is the automatic shipment sorting system

One example is our automatic shipment sorting system. Instead of manual sorting, we use automatic sorting belts that enable faster, more precise and more efficient sorting of shipments. This technological transformation enables us to provide high-quality service with greater speed and reliability, which is essential to remain competitive in today’s digital age.

Competition is ever sharper, including unfair competition. Do you believe that even in such conditions you will manage to remain the best and fastest courier service in Serbia and to justify all expectations and recognitions?

— Despite increasingly strong competition, D Express continues to stand out as a leader in the courier service industry. Our commitment to innovation and improving service quality has resulted in our second consecutive win of the prestigious Hotspot Favourite Courier Award. This award is not only a recognition of our outstanding service, but also a confirmation of the trust our customers have in us. Continuous investment in staff training, implementation of the latest technologies and careful planning of operational processes allows us to remain the best and fastest courier service in the region. Our vision remains the same: to provide an outstanding delivery experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations and makes us the undisputed industry leader.

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