Nenad Miščević, CEO, Nectar Group

Growth With A Purpose

Nectar Group, the largest producer of fruit juices and processor of fruits and vegetables in Southeast Europe, has strengthened its position as a regional leader, but Nectar’s aspirations don’t end there. This group has a portfolio, know-how, strength, the desire and motivation to promote globally the quality of food and beverages produced in our region

We will certainly stay true to the “It does matter” philosophy of our operations, because that represents what’s most valuable at Nectar – that determination that every fruit, every person, every decision, but also the community in which we operate, are important, because “it does matter” – announces Nenad Miščević, new CEO of the Nectar Group

Do you view your appointment as CEO of the Nectar Group as a great challenge and an honour or as a huge responsibility?

It was with great enthusiasm that I took over the position of CEO of the Nectar Group. It is a great honour but the responsibility is even greater. We need to preserve our leadership position and push the boundaries even further, achieving more and leaping further. Nectar has driving energy, know-how, a winning spirit and perseverance, and we have ahead of us a new development and investment cycle of the company that will be marked by further integration, with even greater synergy among all members of the Nectar Group, investments in new technologies, the further development of knowledge and new functional competencies for our people and the strong expansion of our business beyond regional borders.

We will focus on further strengthening the agriculture sector through the strengthening of the local network of farmers, and we will be guided by the key words ‘healthy, quality, domestic’. We are proud of the fact that, together with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Serbia, we initiated the Čuvarkuća [House Guardian] campaign, because we believe that through choosing and buying products that are produced in Serbia out of domestic raw materials, we enable that the value created remains in our country.

You arrived at Nectar from a multinational company. Will the way you worked there help you when it comes to running Nectar?

What drives me, both privately and professionally, is growth, but growth with a purpose that’s aimed at creating better working conditions for our people, developing brands, meeting the needs of our consumers, introducing healthy nutritional habits through the development of wellbeing products, conquering new systems, new technologies, operating sustainably and responsibly and achieving leadership in environmental protection. The fact that Nectar is a family business that’s 100% family-owned, and that it has grown from a small entrepreneurial venture to become a regional leader, confirms that a good vision, great and dedicated work, constant learning and growth through knowledge and people, led by a winning spirit, knows no bounds. It is precisely this vision, translated into the business philosophy “it does matter”, that is something to which we remain faithful. That is our pillar of support for new victories in the period ahead of us.

You are known for setting high standards when it comes to sales, introducing innovations and achieving business strategies and processes… Will you continue to rely on that in the new development cycle?

We will continue investing, innovating and expanding beyond the borders of the region – our aim is to be on the shelves of shops around the world and to enter into completely new categories and industries. Strategically, we are focused on the implementation of a sustainable business agenda, in which one of our key focuses is on further improving energy efficiency and maximising possible reductions in emissions of greenhouse gasses. We have invested more than seven million euros in sustainable energy sources and our goal is to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gasses by 20% as of 2030. Through partnerships with local governments, we will also work on improving the model of collecting recycling waste and improving the efficiency of water use by at least 15% by 2027.


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