Nemanja Ćirić, Business Development Manager At GP Gradjevinar d.o.o.

Focused On High Quality

It was 32 years ago, during the founding of GP Gradjevinar, that the goal was set for it not to become the biggest construction company, but the most serious one. Testifying to the founders having succeeded in that aim is the portfolio of completed facilities and an endless list of satisfied clients

According to announcements made by this family company, their focus in the years ahead will continue to be on the high quality of works implemented during the realisation of projects, the applying of the highest world standards in construction, as well as the latest technologies.

Your company was among the first private construction enterprises in our country. How have you succeeded in maintaining your position despite the competition?

Our company was founded back in 1989, and one of the main ideas that existed before the company was founded – and which still motivates us today, 32 years on – is a desire to offer our clients the best solutions, with the highest quality and the shortest deadlines.

It isn’t easy to achieve such desires in construction, but it is precisely these challenges and the dynamics of everyday life that contribute to this motivation. Our desire to offer the best solutions to clients has led to the constant educating of all members of our team, and we have thus been in a position to perform as a General Contractor for many years. Our clients often approach us with just a rough idea of the facility they need, but close cooperation and understanding their needs enables us to design and build the facility to suit their needs precisely, with all the accompanying installations and infrastructure. All that’s left for them to do is to move in and start operating.

Wherever possible, we will endeavour to implement green building systems, with project solutions that are better for the environment, using materials made from renewable or recycled sources

You have amassed 32 years of successful experience and constructed more than 250 representative buildings intended for various purposes, but what’s ahead of you? What are your plans for 2021 and the coming years?

New technologies always bring something new to all industries, and with them come new ways of doing business. As a sector, construction perhaps isn’t the fastest when it comes to applying new technologies, but such technologies are certainly becoming increasingly present and providing new and interesting opportunities. Our focus in 2021 and the subsequent years will continue to be directed towards high quality in the implementation of projects, with the applying of the world’s highest standards in construction, as well as the latest technologies. This will also be reflected, wherever possible, through the implementation of green building systems, with project solutions that are better for the environment, using materials made from renewable or recycled sources and the like.

You recently presented a new website and a new visual identity of GP Gradjevinar. Was it time to modernise?

That’s right, after 32 years of doing business with our recognisable logo, we wanted to give the logo a more modern look that would represent the contemporary operations of our company, while on the other side we wanted to retain the recognisable elements and their symbolism. We kept the Cyrillic letters as the basic script in the sign (respecting the long tradition of this script), but we also added the name in the Latin script just below, with consideration for the growing number of our international partners. The first part of the logo: the number 3 and the Cyrillic letter Ć (the first letter of the surname of the company’s founding Ćirić family) under one roof still represents the family values that we cultivate in the company, but also our core activity – construction.

Numerous colleagues, who’ve been “part of the family” for years, have contributed to the company’s development and it being recognised as one of the most reliable partners in construction among both domestic and international companies.

Nemanja Ćirić, Business Development Manager, GP Gradjevinar

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