Ljubomir Babić, CEO Fun&Fit Company, Delta Holding

Inspiring People To Make Fun&Fit Decissions

Fun&Fit is a leader in the breakfast cereal category that plays a key role in establishing trends that support active lifestyles. The company’s respect for the highest standards of quality control has opened the door wide for exports to Russia, Belarus, Lebanon, UAE, Nigeria and even China

The Fun&Fit, Jumbo and ABC brands have been synonymous with top quality for many years, but Fun&Fit is also a reliable partner to major industrial customers and confectioners. Its development plans rely on its expert personnel and the ability to adapt, keep pace with trends and introduce innovations, which have undoubtedly ensured the continuous growth of the company.

The market is today seeking well-balanced meals that are ready to be consumed at any time.

– Fun&Fit is a leader in the breakfast cereal category, and our popularity is growing constantly, in line with emerging trends. We understand the needs of the market and accordingly provide nutritionally well-balanced meals that provide energy for the whole day. We all know that active lifestyles are extremely important today and that it is thus crucial that the things we put in our body form part of a balanced diet.

With whom do you collaborate?

– Our commitment to quality and reliability makes us the preferred choice for many reputable food industry partners. We have long been a reliable partner to the most important industrial buyers and we cooperate with the most famous confectioners in Serbia. Moreover, we are actively negotiating with many other regional and international companies with the aim of expanding our cooperation.

You strive to adapt quickly to consumer demands, enrich your portfolio of products, monitor trends and introduce innovations. Can there be no growth in the country or abroad without that?

– As a leader of the breakfast cereals market, Fun&Fit has a key role to play in establishing trends that support an active lifestyle and the accompanying nutrition. A commitment to adapt quickly to consumer demands, expand the product portfolio, monitor trends and introduce innovations are among the key elements for ensuring the growth of the company.

We strive on a daily basis to inspire people to make wise decisions and to eat nutritionally well-balanced meals, but also to enjoy their daily activities. As a company, Fun&Fit’s aim is to show consumers that this way of eating can be both fun and beneficial, contributing to improving their mood and providing the energy required for today’s fast-paced life. On the other hand, we also invest in production lines that enable us to penetrate new categories. We thereby remain competitive on the market and offer our consumers the best products.

Fun&Fit is also recognised as an important partner in the production of private labels for the biggest retail chains. Do your capacities, experience and knowledge enable you to respond to even the most demanding requests?

– Yes, everything you mention, and particularly the knowledge that we’ve acquired in developing our brands over many years, enables us to respond to the most complex demands when it comes to the production of private labels for the biggest retail chains. We recently returned from the PLMA trade show in Amsterdam and are extremely proud of the large number of contacts that we established with the world’s largest retailers.

We are among the most important partners in the production of private labels because we have for years been satisfying high standards of food quality and safety

As a result of the high demand for private labels on both the global and local markets, retailers have extremely high expectations when it comes to their quality.

We are currently among the most important partners in the production of private labels in the categories we cover, thanks to the fact that we have for years been satisfying high standards of food quality and safety (IFS), which is crucial to our business.

Where can Fun&Fit products currently be found; do you plan to conquer new markets and expand beyond the borders of the region?

– Apart from our regional presence, Fun&Fit company has achieved significant progress in expanding to new international markets over the previous two years. Our brands can currently be found in retail chains across Russia, Belarus, Lebanon, UAE, Nigeria and even China. Research shows that our brands are in no way lacking in terms of quality compared to brands that come from the West, which points to our high export potential. Exports currently account for approximately 30% of our total sales, and demonstrating how certain we are of our progress on this path are our plans to increase that share to 80% over the next five years.

Everything you’ve done to date has led to the fortifying of Fun&Fit’s leadership position and the forming of a solid base for new business successes. In which key areas of business are you planning to make improvements?

– Fun&Fit has achieved success as a company thanks to its extremely committed team, which is why we value our employees highly and invest in their development. We are conscious of the fact that these people are crucial to our success and proudly point out their contribution. On the other hand, our leadership position is a result of continuous efforts exerted in key areas of our operations. We work constantly to develop our products, expand and conquer new markets, by exporting our brands and building strong partnerships. We plan to invest in additional capacities and are modernising and automating our production facilities, in order for us to effectively satisfy the growing demand.

As a company, Fun&Fit has been operating within the scope of Delta Holding since 2007. Does that provide you with additional certitude and the possibility to implement more ambitious plans?

– Operating within the scope of Delta Holding doesn’t only provide us with additional certitude, but also high credibility on the market. Being part of Delta Holding also implies the realising of ambitious plans while adhering to the highest standards in terms of quality, respect for business ethics, care for the environment and, most importantly of all, care for people. All this in combination creates strong foundations to support our further growth and business success.

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