Katarina Jovanović Bućan, HR Manager for the SEE Region at Ingram Micro

Our Employees Define Us

Ingram Micro Belgrade is part of a global IT company and this year we are celebrating 40 years of success in technology and supply chain services. During this time, the company has grown into a global leader, operating in 160 countries and with more than 35,000 employees

Our employees have deep expertise in technological solutions; they are provided with tools and processes, and are exposed to exchanges of knowhow and support from all internal resources. We are passionate about our jobs, innovations and market needs ~ says Katarina Jovanović Bućan.

Ingram Micro Belgrade is part of a multinational company. Does that mean that your employees have accepted a global way of thinking and working?

Keeping employees’ minds on thinking globally and acting locally is important as a principle that guides us to better decisions and behaviours, enabling us to focus on the success of our business partners and associates. Some tenets of our success are result orientations, integrity, courage to embrace changes and bring difficult decisions, taking responsibility in the sense that we say what we are going to do and we do what we promise.

Ingram Micro employees have deep expertise in technological solutions; they are provided with tools and processes, exposed to exchanges of knowhow and support from all internal resources. We are passionate about our jobs, innovations and market needs, which enables our business partners to operate more efficiently and successfully. Saying something is one thing, but doing it – by being driven with examples and great teams – is the way we think and act. All of us.

Young people are fast learners, who quickly embrace changes and find the best solutions in the new IT-led world. Are they the basis of your success as a company?

Young people are a very important part of our success, especially with a balance between seniors and juniors, as we rely on a combination of fresh ideas and deep business knowledge. Diversity is also one of the key contributors to our success. We support the personal and professional growth of associates with diverse backgrounds and experiences.

It is natural that we are bringing in young, external talents in more entrance levels of the organisation. During the period when young people are crystallising their interests, business knowledge and passions, senior leaders and HR business partners are there to recognise talent and to create planned, meaningful, individual career development plans, so talented individuals can advance to senior positions within Ingram Micro.

A significant number of our senior managers have been with the company for more than 20 years and we are particularly proud that they are keeping a focus on market needs and mentoring their successors. In practise, young people bring talent and we find the job that is the best fit for them.

Is it difficult to find good experts when demand is greater then supply? We know what makes you stand out as a partner, but what makes you stand out as an employer?

Finding experts is hard and challenging, but it is more challenging to retain talented people, because employees and their variety of diverse talents define us. We are committed to providing succession plans, to learning and growing together, to inspiring employees to remain attracted by opportunities, knowledge and meaningful projects. Integrity, knowledge and having a sense of purpose are important in our team. We are passionate about what we do to contribute to the world and to realise the promise of technology.

Vladimir Popović, Managing Director, Ingram Micro

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Katarina Jovanović Bućan, HR Manager For The SEE Region At Ingram Micro

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