Ioanna Regen

It’s Time For Refresh And Reshape

Although the holiday season is not yet over, it is already time to think about new challenges and preparations for the rainy autumn and long cold winter. There is nothing better than the ReFresh programme for extremely fast and efficient body regeneration and the ReShape programme to achieve hormonal balance, weight reduction and body reshaping

ReFresh programme

ReFresh is a personalised programme intended for quick and efficient recovery of the body after great effort or a stressful period. It is ideal for body recovery in patients exposed to high stress in specific life situations, whether private or professional. Combined therapy includes a strong infusion, i.e. a personalised multivitamin cocktail, which is prepared on the basis of the condition of the patient’s organism which instantly gives energy and strength for upcoming life challenges; facial exfoliation, massage, face mask according to the need and condition of the patient’s skin, along with facial, neck and cleavage hydration treatment and CLEO 24K LED mask with infrared light therapy.

The goal of the ReFresh programme is to regenerate and rest the body, but also refresh and rejuvenate the face and body in a short period of time, extremely quickly and efficiently.

ReShape programme

ReShape is a personalised programme designed for body reshaping. It lasts two to three months, and is intended for those who want to lose five to 20 kilograms, those who lead a stressful life, patients with thyroid disorders, people with insulin resistance and other hormonal disorders. The ReShape programme is intended for women who have had in vitro fertilisation, after recovery from interventions, but also for women in perimenopause and men in andropause. It is recommended for anyone who spends a lot of time sitting at a desk.

The programme consists of mesotherapy, nutritional therapy, specific physical procedures, massage, medical dermatological lasers, ultrasound, algae packing, magnets, green coffee for a quick treatment effect. If needed, supplementary therapy or vitamin infusion is also prescribed. The goal of the ReShape programme is to achieve hormonal balance and reduce body weight and girth.

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