Generali Turns 190

Generali Launches Fenice 190, Worth 3.5 Billion Euros

Generali announces the Fenice 190 project, a five-year investment plan worth €3.5 billion to support the recovery of European economies from the effects of COVID-19. The plan will first be implemented in Italy, France and Germany, followed by the other European countries where Generali operates

The Fenice 190 project involves investments to support small and medium- sized enterprises and the real economy, which already exceed the established amount of a billion euros. In addition to this initial amount, Generali is committed to allocating €500 million per year over the next five years for sustainable growth, through international investment funds, with a focus on infrastructure, innovation and digitisation, SMEs, green housing, healthcare and education.


According to Philippe Donnet, General Manager of the Generali Group, “Generali is one of the few companies in the world that can boast such a long history. Thanks to its extremely rich knowledge and experience, the Group is able to face today’s challenges and at the same time contribute to a better future of the communities in which it operates, both as an insurer and as a social innovator. The celebration of our 190th anniversary coincides with this crucial year in which we must overcome the most serious global crisis of the post-war period and lay the foundations for global recovery. With the Fenice 190 plan, we want to be a leader on this journey, to leave behind a legacy for the future, to provide significant support to the most innovative, sustainable and strategically important sectors for relaunching the European economy, while at the same time encouraging the involvement of those hardest hit by the crisis.”


Founded in Trieste on 26th December, 1831, Generali turns 190 this year. This historic anniversary will be celebrated over the course of 2021, through a series of initiatives employees, agents, clients and the communities in which the Group operates.

The President of Assicurazioni Generali, Gabriele Galateri di Genola, said: “Today, more than ever, in an unprecedented context, the Generali Group intends to build a shared, sustainable vision of the future for all stakeholders. This year, which we hope will mark the beginning of economic recovery, we are celebrating the jubilee through numerous initiatives that represent a fusion of past and future, in order to create new opportunities for growth and exchange. We are fully determined to participate in the development of the company and to contribute to its sustainability through the ambitious investment programme Fenice 190. At the same time, we intend to build on the company’s exceptional skills and historical legacy, so that we can encourage the development of new knowledge and inspire future generations.”

The restoration and renovation of the Procuratie Vecchie building in Venice will be completed in December, according to a project by David Chipperfield Architects, and will re-open to the public after 500 years, becoming the global centre of The Human Safety Net Foundation.

Others plans include the launch of the EnterPrize initiative in the coming autumn, which aims to encourage European small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt sustainable business models, while providing visibility to those that have already done so and encouraging public debate on this topic. At the same time, the first edition of the White Paper on Sustainability, dedicated to the effects of introducing the principle of sustainability to European SMEs and created in collaboration with Bocconi University, will be presented.

Trieste – the city where Generali was founded back in December 1831 – and its local community will take part in the celebration of the company’s 190th anniversary. In the new premises of the Palazzo Berlam building, which was recently renovated according to the project of architect Mario Bellini, the Historical Archive of the company will be open to the public, in an innovative interactive format.

In the spirit of the tradition of dealing with contemporary topics through advertising posters, under the scope of the project “This is tomorrow”, Generali will hire five young Italian and international artists who will present their interpretation of the five areas that are most important to the Generali Group through poster designs, presenting reality in a new way.

The main initiatives and content related to the history of the Generali company will be presented on, the website of the Group, in a new section dedicated to commemorating the anniversary.


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