Dragoljub Zbiljić, President Of Energotehnika Južna Bačka

No Vision, No Progress

With 9,000 transformer stations, 500 km of gas pipelines, heating pipelines and a gas distribution network, 20 awards and almost 300 employees, Energotehnika Južna Bačka has been considered the region’s leading company in the field of energy for 60 years already.

The acquisition of Kraljevo’s Elektomontaža will contribute to the strengthening of both companies, primarily through the combining of their respective resources and knowhow. Merging their potential is a precondition for strengthening the company’s position as the regional leader and conquering some new markets in the surrounding area, announces Mr Zbiljić.

Južna Bačka is a leading company in the region in the field of energy. How did you achieve that result?

In first place, I would certainly highlight the professional and dedicated team that has contributed to our company’s growth and development. We have implemented a deep and continuous process of innovation in our business strategy, which has certainly contributed to improving the quality of the products and services that we provide to our clients. Such an approach has significantly improved all parameters related to the efficiency and economical nature of operations. Likewise, I would also point out our visionary approach as an important precondition for growth and development, which is really an essential component for achieving top results. I can state freely that we’ve recognised energy and infrastructure needs and trends in on time, and that we invested lots in human and material resources in order to be able to respond adequately to future projects.

You recently reached an agreement to purchase company Elektromontaža d.o.o. Kraljevo. Has this meant you taking another step towards fulfilling your company’s ambitions regarding development?

With the acquisition of Kraljevo’s Elektomontaža we’ve moved from the position of competitors on the market to a position of ownership and a strategic alliance. We are certain that this business move of ours will contribute to the future strengthening of both companies, primarily through the combining of the companies’ resources and knowledge. By pooling our shared potentials we become more competitive, and we simultaneously consider this a precondition for strengthening our position as a regional leader, as well as a precondition for conquering some new markets in our surroundings.

We are currently working on the complex process of creating synergy between the companies, which implies restructuring and adapting swiftly to the new conditions.

A visionary approach is an important precondition for growth and development. That is really an essential component for achieving top results

What do you expect from this pooling of resources in terms of capital, finance, knowledge, expert competencies and experience? Which part of that represents your greatest development potential?

We are convinced that our recent acquisition will contribute to realising and strengthening our strategic advantages. The exchange of knowledge, merging of engineering and construction potentials and increase in capital will certainly contribute to positioning ourselves even better in the region and gaining an advantage over some foreign companies that gravitate towards these markets.

We’ve also recognised the significant development potential of the progressive policy of the Government of the Republic of Serbia regarding investments in energy infrastructure and the environment. We are convinced that significant funds will be invested in these areas in Serbia and the surrounding countries in the next 10 years. It is for this reason that it is crucial that we continue to have a stable political environment and a proactive approach by the Government and the state administration in the future.

To conclude, it is known that I am a great lover of sport and a sports worker, and that I often draw parallels between business and sport. As such, in recent days I’ve been telling everyone that, with the purchase of Elektromontaža, we are creating a winning team for the Champions League that we’ve been competing in successfully to date.

Dragoljub Zbiljić, Energotehnika Južna Bačka Company President

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