Chartwell International School

Safe And Structured, Yet Uplifting

Chartwell International School prides itself on being one of the longest-standing private schools in Serbia, which has been striving continuously towards distinction and excellence for over two decades

The main goal of Chartwell International School is to provide its students with a learning environment that’s safe and structured, yet uplifting, providing support and guidance as they experience a multitude of changes and take on new commitments.

Located at the heart of Belgrade, Chartwell comprises six separate campuses, each surrounded by greenery and the tranquillity of one of Belgrade’s most pleasant uptown areas. Tailored to suit the needs and demands of a particular age group, each of its premises boasts vast indoor and outdoor spaces, with carefully decorated classrooms, accompanied by spacious playgrounds and sports fields. As a veritable second home to over 900 students of more than 40 nationalities, the school nurtures both diversity and equality, while promoting mutual support and respect. The school’s main goal is to provide its students with a learning environment that’s safe and structured, yet uplifting, thus paving the way for their greatest achievements and growth.

After laying the foundations of their academic and personal development throughout the course of their primary education, Chartwell’s Y7 students boldly stride into the Lower Secondary School, armed with much greater shrewdness, selfawareness and readiness to fulfil their school duties. However, the sense of privilege and responsibility brings more independence at this age and that can at times be overwhelming, which is why Chartwell has made it a priority to provide its students with support and guidance as they experience a multitude of changes and take on new commitments.

As a veritable second home to over 900 students of more than 40 nationalities, Chartwell nurtures both diversity and equality, promoting mutual support and respect

“Transition to the Secondary school poses specific challenges, as this is a delicate time when students are required to learn more complex lessons about the value of knowledge – motivation that stems not only from the immediate promise of good results, but from genuine academic curiosity,” says Chartwell Lower Secondary School Head Bojana Stošić. “Nevertheless, having a sense of achievement by acquiring and applying the new content taught through a plethora of curricular and extra-curricular activities, supplementing the core Cambridge curriculum, enables our students to feel the true power of learning and broadening their horizons, and to slowly, yet thoroughly, prepare themselves for the upcoming exam years.”

Enrolling in the Upper Secondary, and specifically in AS and A-level courses, is the pinnacle of secondary education, where our students take decisive steps towards their future careers, delving into the details and intricacies of their preferred field of study, whether that entails developing their proactiveness and business or political savvy, nurturing their artistic creativity, or polishing their acumen in scrutinising historical, sociological or psychological phenomena.

“What we strive towards is to equip our students with a well-grounded and versatile foundation that will effortlessly and naturally guide them towards becoming autonomous, well-rounded individuals, conversant with a variety of subjects, focused on the pursuit of personal ambitions and mindful of their role in the community in which they live,” says Chartwell Upper Secondary School Head Bojan Milenković. “We are proud to have a strong student community led by the Student Council, relying both on hard individual activity and teamwork, while presenting themselves as the most eligible candidates to the most prestigious Universities around the world.”

Saying goodbye to the students is never easy, and as the staff tear up during the graduation ceremonies, they are always proud to realise that they are seeing a generation of young adults who are in every possible way ready to face all the challenges that life has in store for them.

Iosif Vangelatos, Inos Balkan General Manager

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