Mladen Ćirić, Sales Manager, Tonković Winery

Our Wines are Even Served In The Vatican

Mladen Ćirić

Established in 2006, Tonković Winery cultivates the Kadarka, an old autochthonous variety, on all 10 hectares of its vineyards. Tonković makes as many as six types of wine from just one grape variety, which makes it unique in the world.

Every 28th May since 2009, on Saint Urban’s Day, Tonković wines are served in the Vatican, and they receive excellent prizes in the Decanter, the largest competition in the world.

What has Tonković Winery been mentioned so much this year?

The demand for wines from domestic grape varieties has finally become a trend in Serbia. There are more and more foreign nationals here, tourists, businessmen trying to taste as many authentic flavours as possible during their stay in Serbia. In addition to ćevapi, ajvar, rakija, wine holds an important place.

In the whole 10 hectares of our vineyard, we have planted only Kadarka, an old autochthonous variety, and we make our wine exclusively from this. Kadarka produces elegant, sophisticated, lighter red wines, most similar to Pinot Noir, easy to blend with food, drinkable without food, even slightly chilled.

People have recognized the winery’s courage in studying the Kadarka so patiently all these years, working on the quality of the wine, letting the wines ripen first, and then putting them on the market after five years. Because of all this, Tonković wines are in high demand this year.

What have been your most notable awards so far?

Our Fantazija (Fantasy) is the first Serbian wine to be included in the largest wine museum in the world, La Cite du Vin in Bordeaux. Last year it received the Serbian best buy award. It is the best wine in Serbia in terms of price/quality.

Starting next year, we will be the only winery in the world that produces six kinds of wine – all sparkling wine – from Kadarka: rosé, basic red wine Fantazija, premium red wine Rapsodija (Rhapsody), dessert wine and blanc de noir, white wine made from red grapes – all from one indigenous grape variety, the only one in the vineyard.