Priscilia Dubocage, Managing Director of Total Hub Balkans (Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia)

Total is a Top-ranking Player

Total is among the world’s four most successful oil companies, with operations in more than 130 countries. Total has been present in Serbia since 2010, when the company choose to invest in the Balkan region, including Serbia. The representative of this French oil company for the Serbian market guarantees the quality of its products

Total’s ambition is to produce the energy that the world needs, and for that energy to be affordable, reliable and clean. This global vision, coupled with interdisciplinary expertise, allows us to work towards a responsible energy future and to achieve great success, says Total HUB Balkans managing director Priscilia Dubocage.

Ms. Dubocage, where were you born and grew up? How did your education and career develop prior to you becoming Total’s managing director for Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia?

– I was born and raised in France. I hold a master’s degree in Combustion, Pollution and Environmental Risks, which led me to work at several international companies, culminating in an international auditing firm prior to me joining the Total Group in 2000.

I came to Total HUB Balkans from Total Kenya, where I held the position of Network Manager, with a portfolio of 200 filling stations. Before that, from 2014 to 2017, I was based in France as a regional sales manager.

Tell us more about the future plans and strategy of the Total Group for the Balkan region?

– Total believes in being close to its customers. By having a direct presence in Serbia, we can develop an even better understanding of our Serbian customer’s needs and better serve them. If we add to that the market potential and the increasing trend that sees us all seeking high-quality products, Total opening a company in Serbia was a natural outcome. Among the world’s major oil brands, Total is the only one that is present in Serbia directly, and we ensure that our customers receive the service, quality and reliability of our wide range of products with the right support in this fast-moving technological and economical environment.

This community is also our home, which is why we feel the need to support it in every possible way

The Serbian economy and industry recognise the quality of our products and services, as well as their affordability, which enables us to cooperate with many factories and manufacturers in Serbia.

Of course, our goal is to grow; to spread high-quality products and improve cooperation with the local economy in Serbia to our mutual satisfaction. We believe that we’ll continue to invest and grow on the Serbian market, which is already experiencing a growth trend, especially in the automotive, heavy industry and heavy duty segments.

What are the Total projects that strengthened its position in the region?

– We are implementing our premium Total Quartz Auto Service network across the whole region, and it is growing rapidly. 

Through it we provide high-quality services to our final customers. TQAS is a concept of premium branded garages at which our customers are able to receive the same level of service and products as available anywhere in the world. Another project we’ve launched this year is the Rubia Roadshow, which sees our truck visiting many cities in the region to meet our logistics partners and customers. Both of these projects have provided us with the possibility to get close to our final customers, to help them fulfil their everyday needs, and to educate them on diverse topics related to their vehicles.

Total Serbia d.o.o. (Ltd.) also stands out due to its socially responsible business conduct. Tell us more about the CSR projects you’ve already completed.

– We completed a campaign called “On the road to children’s safety in traffic”, which has been implemented over the past three years in Serbia and, as of last year, in Croatia as well, and which aims to raise awareness of the importance of behaving safely in traffic. With the help of a team of experts from the field of education and traffic safety, we developed an “edutainment” programme tailored to the needs of children of early school age. Finally, the importance of this project has been recognised by Total, which rewarded it with 1st place in the Group’s internal Europe Innovation Competition and by the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce, which awarded it the Grand Prix 2018 award.

Our customers, drivers of Fuel Economy lubricants, are our main partners in environmental protection and pollution reduction

Total’s lubricants don’t only enable fuel savings and better engine performance – they also protect the environment. Tell us more about Total’s environmentally friendly solutions programme.

– Ecological issues related to global warming, and more general efforts to control pollution, have caused an unprecedented revolution in the automotive industry. The control of exhaust fumes has become an essential element in satisfying regulatory changes designed to safeguard the environment. TOTAL Lubricants teamed up very early with other stakeholders in dedicating large-scale research and development resources to the initiative, which has resulted, for example, in the widest range of Low SAPS lubricants available on the market today.

Total is a top-ranking player in the field of Fuel Economy lubricants. In fact, we’ve already been developing and marketing this type of lubricant for more than 15 years. Backed by that strategy, Total Lubricants Activity is now positioned as one of the world’s leaders in Fuel Economy, with the widest range on the market and performance characteristics validated by manufacturers and by the Total EcoSolution label.

Using TOTAL Fuel Economy lubricants also means making a positive gesture for the environment. By improving engine performance, FE lubricants also reduce fuel consumption appreciably. And ecology rhymes with the economy, so this is also the commitment to Fuel Economy products.

What do you consider as your company’s greatest success?

– In my opinion, the greatest success of our company is the close relationship we’re able to establish with people, with our customers, by having the goal of being perceived as “the A brand lubricant manufacturer”, at the service of and access to, everyone. Our employees around the world embody our commitment to better energy every day while relying on cutting-edge expertise that spans the entire energy chain. In order for people to be motivated when going to work every day, they need a goal that gives meaning to their actions.


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