Thursday, October 18, 2018

Tag: Jubmes Bank

Miloš Vujnović, Executive Board Chairman, Jubmes Bank:

Small, But Efficient

The ambitious vision of JUMBES Bank from the beginning of 2016, aimed at changing a negative trend and starting anew, to create value for shareholders, has been successfully realised over the previous two years, thus making the Bank stable, profitable and with good prospects for the period to come

Miloš Vujnović, Ph.D., President Of The Executive Board Of Jubmes Banka AD (JSC) Beograd:

Negative Trends Halted

Activities carried out since the beginning of 2016 have brought a halt to unfavourable trends and changed the Bank’s financial situation, leading to the diversification and growth of the portfolio of commercial placements with clients and the deposits of private individuals to the highest ever level