AIK Bank

Business sector and individuals in the fight against coronavirus

The list of donations of the business sector, business and sports associations, charities and individuals is getting longer daily, with the donors allocating significant...

AIK Banka is donating 28 million rsd for respirators

AIK Bank is donating 28 million rsd to the Republic Health Insurance Fund for the purchase of 10 respirators to combat the COVID-19 epidemic. "This...

Strong Banks Guarantee Growth

With more than 800 million euros of foreign currency savings, AIK Banka is today the reliable partner of a large number of citizens and...

Digitisation Is Obligatory For Successful Banks

With an awareness that there can be no market survival without the use of modern technology, AIK Bank adapted its digitisation strategy to the local market and the needs of users, primarily retail clients and small enterprises

Societe Generale Acquires Part Of Jubanka’s Credit Portfolio

Societe Generale Serbia has acquired the credit portfolio of Jubanka clients, the former Alpha Bank which since April 20017 has been fully owned by...

We Want To Be Among The Region’s Key Players

The strategic goal of AIK Bank over the next few years is to become one of the leading banks on the domestic market and one of the most significant players in the region

Supporting The Financing of Agricultural Production

The further advancement of Serbian agriculture will depend to the greatest extent on support for financing agricultural production, as well as investments related to improving the mechanisation and merging of farms.

Concentration, Consolidation, and Stepping into the Digital Sphere

A characteristic of the Serbian market, like most of the countries in the region, is distinct bankocentrism