Zoran Ljubotina, Director Of The Tourist Organisation Of The City Of Zrenjanin

Summer Packed With Happenings

Alongside the already famous Days of Beer festival, guests to Zrenjanin can visit the Carska Bara (Imperial Pond) nature reserve and the Rusanda Spa, tour mansions and castles, and have fun around nightclubs

Zoran Ljubotina

Zrenjanin, the capital of the Banat plains, is known as a city with an open heart, famous for its hospitality, multicultural lifestyle, culinary specialities and unspoilt nature in reserves and spa facilities.

With the construction of Pupin‘s Bridge across the Danube, Zrenjanin has become even closer to Belgrade, meaning increasingly more people visit you for weekend trips and holidays. What do you offer weekend guests; and what’s on offer for those who would like to stay longer?

– With a warm welcome drunk, good wine and cuisine, the City of Zrenjanin presents the heart of its old town, with authentic buildings from the early 19th century, where every building has its own story; the County Court, the buildings of theatres, museums, Bukovčeva Palace, the City Garden (County Park), the Museum beer, the old Brewery within the Dunđerski complex, the Ečka castle mansion… For those who decide to stay longer, there is the kingdom of unspoilt nature of the Carska Bara Nature Reserve, the Rusanda Spa, Melenci, boat rides along the River Begej, a wealth of multicultural and multi-ethnic settlements, with art, culture and folklore, and organised tours.

Nature lovers quite simply “occupy” the Carska Bara Nature Reserve during the summer, while many also head to the Rusanda Spa. What are among all the contents that guests can expect?

– Carska Bara is a nature reserve, an unspoilt oasis and the habitat for hundreds of species of rare birds, and it is a real treat for all nature lovers. It is possible to tour this unique reserve by boat or by walking along the health trails. With lavish dining spreads, accommodation at the Sibila Hotel or within the reserve in the settlements on its periphery (Belo Blato, with its capacity), unforgettable moments are spent. The Rusanda Spa Melenci, a known health resort, offers accommodation in its facilities, which are increasingly focused on relaxation and spa tourism, recreation and rest with expert medical support.

In Banat and Zrenjanin they are proud to highlight events presenting local settlements through song, dance, acting, painting and other forms of entertainment and cultural events

An increasing number of young people from Belgrade and Novi Sad are coming to Zrenjanin for a good time, and there is a real throng of visitors when the Beer Days and other events are held. What programmes with the coming summer bring?

– With the support of the City, every event has its own authentic form and tradition, based on a multicultural, multi-ethnic environment, unity and the rich diversity that characterises our area. Entertainment and sporting events are unavoidable in this city of sport, so there are constant competitions in the “Crystal Hall”. Summer is characterised by the Korzo Fest – a multimedia music and art programme in the city centre, then there is the Banat Fairytale – summer in the City Garden, with a programme of urban artists, a folklore and music school through outdoor concerts and a children’s programme. Also interesting is the presentation of settlements on weekends through singing, acting, entertainment, folklore, art and the like, as well as the fair of female entrepreneurs.

I would also mention the Banat stories ethno fest and Banat valuable hands – the fair of creativity and Banat traditions. Of course, there are also the famous Beer Days, which are held annually in the last week of August and have long since outgrown their local character.

The Beer Days are attended during their six days by about half a million visitors and this event has become a kind of trend of the city on the River Begej. Central events take place on two city squares and we try to satisfy the most demanding tastes, to ensure that our guests take away the best impressions.