Jasmina Popović, Director, DNP Inženjering Novi Sad:

Ready For All Professional Challenges

DNP-Inženjering d.o.o. (Ltd.) was founded on 3rd November 2014, with the main activity of designing electrical power facilities of all voltage levels. Headquartered are in Novi Sad, the company’s founder and director is Jasmina Popović

Jasmina Popovic

The company was established with a staff of three electrical engineers, but after two years and 10 months of operations that figure had grown to 12 employees. As a company, we have major permits in the Republic of Serbia: P050E1, P061E1, P062E1 and P190E1, while in Serbia we also have licenses for designing the constructive phase and electro phase – high power and electrical power plants. In 2015 the company introduced standard certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, and in 2017 it also added ISO/IEC 27001.

Which parts of the company would you single out as being the carriers of its development?

The leading role in the company belongs to engineers, who have enviable experience in designing electrical power facilities in both Serbia and abroad. Based on their experience and the application of the latest programmes used in this field of design, we as a company are not lagging behind the rest of the world in the field of globalisation. What’s more, we are ready to deal with all the challenges we face, in both designing the reconstruction of existing facilities and designing the construction of new ones.

Which projects do you consider as being the company’s best references?

In the previous period, we applied ourselves to achieve a high position on the domestic market and in the region, with additional activities of designing electrical power facilities of various types: TS Pančevo 3, Zrenjanin 3, Sombor 2, Šipovo, Kotor Varoš and Nevesinje, VE Vladimirovac, Bela Anta and Nikine Vode, HET-HE Trebinje 1, EVP Trebješica and the Minel Dinamo Test Station, as well as many other diverse tasks that were challenges which our designers managed to implement successfully. Of all the projects we have done to date, we are most proud of the project TS and PRP wind farm Vladimirovac, for investors WindVision, which was also an inclusive project for the founding of the company. In addition to this project, we would particularly highlight the project of the new substation, TS Šipovo in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska, as well as the project to reconstruct EVP Trebješica in Montenegro.

The company has a trend to constantly develop and improve all employees in the field of design, in order to be as competitive as possible on the domestic and world markets. Cooperation with renowned contractors in Serbia (Energotehnika Južna Bačka Novi Sad, Energomontaza Beograd and Elektromontaza Kraljevo), as well as with equipment manufacturers (Siemens Belgrade, Schrack Novi Sad, Schneider Belgrade and Eaton Belgrade), enables us to constantly advance and improve the quality of our projects at the highest level.

We are ready to deal with all the challenges we face, in both designing the reconstruction of existing facilities and designing the construction of new ones

When it comes to designing electrical energy facilities, how competitive are we with global achievements in that domain?

Bearing in mind the constant changes in the electricity market, the increase in consumption and new sources of energy, it is very important to respond effectively to the demands of this market. Our market is global, but we also appreciate the specificities of the regional and local markets where we operate. In this sense, we meet the following requirements:
• continuous improvement of professional skills in knowledge,
• trained and responsible associates,
• access to relevant information,
• ability to adapt to different regional and local market specifics; and
• efficient organisation