Eternal Repetition Or Historical Chance?

Serbia – Kosovo Conflict

Elevated tones in Kosovo and the consolidating of diplomatic initiatives are once again leading us into seemingly very lively dialogue over this conflict that has endured for many years. But are we really asking the right questions about the possibility of peace and sparks of conflict?

Are we on the brink of another war on the borders of the European Union, or is the current sharpening of the dialogue in Kosovo and the intensifying of diplomatic pressure part of the staging that we’ve already grown accustomed to and which has yet to produce tangible peace results? Or are we really closer to a historic breakthrough this time around?

Our interlocutors for this edition of CorD’s Focus feature discuss all the theories being offered publicly regarding this being about a minor rebalancing of internal (Serbian-Kosovo) political powers, to the influence of the Russian factor. They additionally also point to other conflicts in the Western Balkans that could be an even bigger problem than Kosovo.

Boško Jakšić, Journalist

Is Kosovo Once Again Writing Serbian History?

In less than two months, the west deployed concentrated diplomatic fire that succeeded in bringing the most complex and enduring conflict in the Western...

Dragan Đukanović, Professor Of The University Of Belgrade Faculty Of Political Sciences

Who’s Playing The Kosovo Card?

Any worsening of the already poor relations between Belgrade and Priština could lead to something that would fundamentally threaten regional stability and enable actors...

Dragiša Mijačić, Director Of The Institute For Territorial Economic Development (INTER) And Coordinator Of The Working Group Of The NCEU

A Solution Must Be Found At The Negotiating Table

Public support for some new agreement is low, whether that’s in Serbia or Kosovo. However, the alternative to this would prove ruinous for both...

Aleksandar Radić, Military Analyst

BiH Haunted By Postponed High-Level Conflict

Serbia accepts the political reality and negotiations on the status of Kosovo, but those in power in Serbia simultaneously want the image of being...