No Storm On The Horizon

How Could The U.S. Midterms Impact Foreign Policy?

Following the unexpected retaining of the balance of power between the Democrats and Republicans after the midterm elections marking the halfway point in the mandate of President Jo Biden, it seems that U.S. policy on Ukraine won’t change drastically, as was suggested. The U.S. attitude towards the Balkans wasn’t even expected to change, but perhaps the public’s stance on Washington will change a little.

It is said that when the U.S. sneezes, the world gets the sniffles. The same kind of thing was announced with great certainty even after the elections marking the halfway point in Jo Biden’s presidency, but that didn’t come to pass. Despite the mistakes of many analysts, including those sympathetic to the Democrats, the election results don’t mean that U.S. policy regarding the war in Ukraine will remain completely unchanged. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem as though changes to the U.S. policy led in our region, and in Serbia, were possible at all, according to CorD’s interlocutors for this issue of Focus.

Aleksandar Mitić, Research Associate At The Institute Of International Politics And Economics, President Of The Centre For Strategic Alternatives

Support For Ukraine Could Reduce

It is tough to expect that the deep polarisation that has manifested within U.S. Society will have a substantial influence on Washinton’s foreign policy...

Aleksandar R. Miletić, Executive Director Of The Centre For History Studies And Dialogue

No Major Changes To Foreign Policy Discourse

I don’t believe the current U.S. Administration’s policies on Ukraine or our region will change fundamentally. More significant course adjustments could only occur following...

Dragan Bisenić, Foreign Policy Journalist, Publicist And Former Ambassador

Without A Weak President

No one will deal with a “weak” american president on foreign policy in the future, as was expected prior to the midterm elections. However,...