It Takes Four to Tango

In Which Directions Should Announced Negotiations Between Belgrade and Pristina Unfold?

After being on a dead-end road for a long time, the deadlock between Belgrade and Pristina was suddenly broken in 2020 with the appointment of U.S. envoy Richard Grenell, who was praised for enticing leaders of Serbia and Kosovo to sign an agreement on the re-establishing of air and rail traffic. Yet, in an atmosphere of unfulfilled obligations, unrealistic plans, wasted years, exhausted energies and lost generations, much more is needed to restore hope and bring results

Following the upcoming elections in Serbia, Belgrade and Pristina should be both gain leaders who have the legitimacy to end the deadlock that dialogue has found itself in. At least this is what’s believed by some of the respondents surveyed by CorD. However, this is only part of a future puzzle in which it is unclear whether the U.S. and Europe will have similar or different approaches during a juncture when numerous old and new issues have amassed on the negotiating table.

Aleksandar Popov, Director of the Centre for Regionalism

The Synchronisation Of America And EU Key To Direction And Final Result

If there is no synchronisation between Europe and America, as the two key external factors, the direction of negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina, and...

Dr Dušan Janjić, President of the Forum for Ethnic Relation’s Board

Much More Creativity Required to Continue Dialogue

In the resumption of the dialogue, more creativity is needed than that which has been expressed so far, because there will be numerous issues...

Daniel Serwer, Director of the Conflict Management Programme At Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Choices Narrowing for Serbia

Serbia has a choice: it can normalise sooner or later. If it waits too long—until EU accession is in sight—it will get nothing in...

Tatjana Lazarević, Journalist, Kossev

Fake Dialogue No More

Here is what the dialogue must not be: a quick fix, deceitful and simulated, alienated and hijacked from the people, led by ill intentions....