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“After over 25 years of cooperation, working with Italian companies has become a daily practice of Law Office Kosić”

Law Office Kosić

Law Office Kosić is an amalgam of the traditional values of the legal profession and the requirements of modern business. The proof of the expertise and professionalism of this law firm lies in its lasting cooperation with domestic and many foreign companies.

What makes it stand out is its large team of experienced experts who adapt to their clients’ requirements and work as a team whenever necessary.

Dubravka Kosić, a lawyer at Law Office Kosić, explains: “Italian companies are individually the greatest investors in Serbia. Our law office represents many of them, including the biggest ones, mostly in the area of project development”.

– I would particularly like to mention the Fiat Group, Calzeodnia, Danieli, Ferrero, and many medium-sized enterprises. After over 25 years of cooperation with Italian companies, the internationalisation of Italian companies is a daily practice of Law Office Kosić. We also cooperate with the Italian and Serbian institutions that take part in the realisation of these projects.

Law Office Kosić has teams of lawyers and interns that specialise in a number of fields but join forces and work together to help realise projects, contracts and other legal tasks

The range of fields you deal with is incredibly broad: from corporate and labour laws, energy, media and communications, all the way to arbitration. Is such a broad legal scope an advantage or a disadvantage?

– Companies seek assistance in all aspects of corporate law and in any other business domain where they may encounter problems. Law firms specialising in commercial law should cover all these areas if they want to provide a good service to their clients and not just enable realisation and contracting but also prevent any negative effects that might arise from acquired rights and obligations. Bearing this in mind, our scope of work is not necessarily broad but specialised, and this is essential in the normal work of corporate lawyers.

In what fields do you usually work with your partners and associates from abroad? Does this cooperation also mean representing Serbian clients abroad?

– Our law office cooperates with a number of law firms abroad, especially in Italy. We participate with them in seminars, training and development in the legal fields of importance to our clients. Our cooperation is particularly important when it comes to advising on other national laws, especially Italian law, or referring clients to the law firms abroad with which we have established good cooperation.

Our office represents clients in Serbia exclusively, but it provides support and prepares documents for our colleagues abroad when they are involved in cases in their territorial jurisdiction. We also regularly take part in conferences organised by the Italian Foreign Trade Agency, Confindustria Serbia and the Italian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Law Office Kosić was the only Serbian law firm that took part in the first ever CONNEXT this year, where it presented the legal framework, investment opportunities and business incentives and benefits in Serbia and in the countries with which Serbia has bilateral relations.

telenor photo: Milica Rašković