Aleksandar Radivojević, General Manager, TeamEnergo

Experts In FTTH Technology

Almost seven years have passed since group of enthusiasts came out of Telegroup and created TeamEnergo, which engineers today contribute to the modernisation of life and work that’s provided by platforms based on internet technologies

You can encounter the teams of TeamEnergo from Subotica to Preševo, at the heart of the cities, where they work on modernising the optical network for the largest Serbian operators, modernising the railways, and the building of schools, health centres, intelligent transport systems, city water supply, gas pipelines etc.

Your company has existed for just short of seven years, and behind you there are already numerous projects of strategic importance in the country, across the Western Balkans and throughout Europe. You quickly gained a reputation as a reliable partner for telecommunications, IT, ITS and electricity infrastructure?

TeamenergoTeamEnergo’s expertise, good reputation among colleagues and trust of the market have seen us ranked among the five leading companies in Serbia for infrastructure projects in telecommunications, alongside special expertise in FTTH technology. Projects in the field of installing optic networks in our country, in Germany and in Qatar, show that we have formed a good team. The city and the state, as well as the company, are not guarded by ramparts or trenches, but by the knowledge and harmony of their people.

We grew out of a company that has existed and endured on the Balkan market for more than 20 years. We developed together on telecommunications and energy projects of vital importance for the development of our country and surrounding countries. It was a little less than seven years ago that our team, with the support of Mr Milomir Gligorijević, president of parent company TeleGroup, entered the market independently and started fighting for its place under the sun, under the name of TeamEnergo.

We are a desirable local partner that implements innovative projects in the modernisation of telecommunications and energy networks and systems

In your work, how important are cooperation with leading global equipment manufacturers, the application of innovative technologies, a multidisciplinary approach and teamwork? Is that what makes you a desirable and reliable partner?

We cooperate with the world’s largest companies, such as Huawei, Nokia, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Philips and others that represent leaders of world markets. Global projects dictate the course, while we are a desirable local partner that implements innovative projects in the modernising of telecommunications and energy networks and systems, in order for citizens to get the best quality in accordance with world standards, support for digitalisation and modern technologies for their work, education and prosperity in business, which often depends on the possibilities of remote communication.

We are witnessing how implied it is that 5G and the ‘Internet of Things’ will bring numerous changes to the economy, health, defence, internal security, manufacturing and industry. As such, to explain briefly, we are engineers who contribute to building the base, the foundation for implementing the modernisation of life and work that’s provided by platforms that depend on internet technologies to make life more attractive and easier.

Aleksandar Radivojević

You can come across our teams from Subotica to Preševo, working at toll stations along the length of highways; at the very heart of the city centres of Belgrade, Zrenjanin, Niš, Kraljevo, Užice or Čačak, while working on the modernising of the optic network for the largest Serbian operators, as well as on the construction of schools, health centres, substations, street lighting, intelligent transport systems, city water supplies and gas pipelines.

Without high quality infrastructure there can be no economic development. What else is important for keeping pace with the developed world?

Preparations are underway, through large telecommunications infrastructure projects, for the global battle between the eastern and western geopolitical spheres for the primacy of technological solutions, and with that their own economies, starting from the defence industry and its implications for security, via exports of technology and setting new standards in all other domains of industry. We are also aware, particularly since the start of 2020, through analysis of the volatility of world markets according to the established supply system, that there are many weaknesses of the globalised world, due to biological-natural threats, to face a world that is no longer unipolar.

States are adapting rapidly to new technologies, in order – at the dawn of artificial intelligence – to provide the best living and working conditions for their citizens. The battle for jobs is not subsiding, while the labour market is changing. Work from home has become a valid alternative, sporting matches and concerts are taking place without spectators or through virtual reality, to prevent them from being cancelled. Youth education is taking place online globally. From showbiz, sports, hospitality and other branches of industry that have been forced to adapt to the “contactless economy”, we understand the responsibility that our profession has at this juncture. Our teams were on the ground throughout the state of emergency and quarantine period in order for our citizens to be able to lead their lives, jobs and education online.

No matter how modern the times, the human approach remains the foundation of good work

We are growing accustomed to the new normal. Technology is always a resource and is dependent on the user. Times of crisis drive innovation and cause rapid change to habits of living, working and trading, while new challenges also bring new solutions. We are optimists; we always work in the highest interest of the profession, science and users, i.e. citizens. No matter how modern the times, the human approach remains the foundation of good work.

Today we have a chance to fulfil the ancient ideal of everyone doing the job that they know best. We are recognised for our knowhow in building infrastructure, and thus we provide an impetus to further economic development and technological upgrades. We use the most modern mechanisation, instruments and tools, while we invest constantly in staff education and training in the latest technologies, in order to keep pace with the world.

You’ve participated in the realisation of major infrastructure projects in the region, but also in Germany, Qatar and Norway, where jobs are only entrusted to the best. How much do experiences gained in working on these markets mean to you?

Germany is an example of an organised society that has provided a chance to our experts from various fields, while we are connected through shared geopolitical interests and routes of energy sustainability. We learnt many lessons by living side-by-side for centuries. Our foreign policy, foreign trade, technological cooperation and trade exchange are today recording growth. Germany is a country that’s capable of setting a measured geopolitical course and encouraging economic development.

We are a region that falls under their sphere of interest, and in the cases of Germany and Norway legal migrations are positive. Our companies receive decent business opportunities, and their markets gain well-educated and reliable young people. We have a positive experience and have learnt a lot. The good model that we’ve established is for our people to work in both Germany and our country, to the delight of both, because it is in this way that one creates a dynamic model that shows results. Our people love life in Serbia, but also opportunities to earn money on foreign projects. If we succeed in ensuring that our people have secure jobs with us in Germany, Austria, Serbia or anywhere else in the world, that they are able to live decently, feed and educate their children that they raise in Serbia, we will consider that as being a great success and our contribution!

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