Swedish RoyalFinances Revealed

Swedish newspaper Expressen was recently granted permission to peruse the financial situation of each member of the Swedish Royal Family. Swedes are, in general, very open about their income and financial situation.

Therefore, much is known about the Royal Family’s financial situation and taxes. All members of the Royal Family follow the same tax rules as other Swedish citizens.

This time it is Princess Madeleine who has the highest yields on her investments. In 2016 the Princess earned almost €230,000 capital surplus on her investments. Her Royal Highness paid €70,865 to the Swedish state in taxes. Her sister, Crown Princess Victoria, followed Madeleine closely. She received €210,000 excess capacity on her investments. A part of that, €63,555, she paid in taxes. Prince Carl Philip earned around €800,000 on his 2015 investments, receiving €84,000 as returns on investments in 2016. He also has other sources of income which earned him €72,975.