Paja Jovanović’s Painting On Auction At London’s Sotheby’s

The famous Paja Jovanović (1859 - 1957) painting “Bashi-Bazouks Before Gataway” was found in the catalogue of London’s Sotheby’s for an auction scheduled for 24th April.

The picture’s owner is not known, but it is known that this masterpiece is estimated to be worth between £120,000 and £150,000 (€137,500 – €172,000). Bashi-bazouks were irregulars in the Ottoman army and hailed from lands across the Ottoman empire, from Egypt to the Balkans. Jovanović studied at the Vienna Academy under Karl Leopold Müller. His patrons included King Alexander of Serbia. He exhibited in Vienna, Munich and Berlin, where his meticulously observed Montenegrin and Albanian subjects, particularly of warriors and bashibazouks, met with international acclaim, prized by English and American collectors alike.