Delivery platforms boost restaurant profits


Food delivery platforms are helping independent, and chain restaurants in London, Paris, Madrid and Warsaw serve more meals every week, boosting the sector’s revenue and profit, according to a Deloitte report commissioned by Uber Eats.

Uber Eats, a unit of the ride-hailing service, Britain’s Deliveroo and Spain’s Glovo expanded the market by supplying their own delivery to both independent and chain restaurants.
The share of restaurants that reported an overall increase in sales after joining the Uber Eats was 69 per cent in London, 74 per cent in Paris, 67 per cent in Warsaw and 59 per cent in Madrid, according to the report.

The biggest number of extra meals delivered as a result of third-party platforms was seen in London, where 606,000 servings were made by chain restaurants and 305,000 through independents weekly, resulting in a $414 million increase in annual revenue.