Catalonia Has ‘WonRight To Statehood’

Spain’s complicated relationship with the region of Catalonia is headed for the unknown. After violence by Spanish police, a declaration of independence by Catalonia’s regional government seems more likely than ever before.

On 9th October the government in Madrid held talks with Spanish parties to discuss a response to the biggest political crisis this country has seen in decades. According to Catalonia’s government, more than two million people voted in the referendum. Officials said that 90% of votes cast were for independence, but that an estimated 770,000 votes were lost as a result of 400 polling stations being raided by Spanish police.

More than 40 trade unions and Catalan associations called a regionwide strike due to “the grave violation of rights and freedoms”.

Catalan medical officials said that 844 people had been hurt in clashes, including 33 police officers. The majority had minor injuries or had suffered from anxiety attacks.