Boracay Island Is Taking A Holiday

Boracay Island, Philippines topped list of best islands in the world in 2017. Unfortunately, the tiny stretch of sand—just under five square kilometres - is a victim of its own growing popularity.

With 2.1 million tourists arriving in 2017 alone (spending more than $1 billion), Boracay now has to contend with environmental degradation, traffic congestion, insufficient solid waste management, illegal construction, property disputes, illegal fishing…to name a few.

“I’ll give you six months to clean the iseland,” President Rodrigo Duterte told Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu in February. Obviousuly the worning didn’t work, so the government has announced an unprecedented six-month closure of the island until September. In order to avoid huge financial damage the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Departments of the Interior and Tourism, and local authorities are now working together to decide how exactly to implement the temporary ban on Boracay tourism.